A Multi-Head Decision

So I decide to look around and see what’s available. I surf the internet.  That’s usual for most people, essential for people like me who live out in the cow patties.

I love to embroider so much that  decide I check out the professional models.  Nope, I don’t embroider enough to sink $20K or more into an embroidery only machine.   I’m not fooling myself either.  I’m not setting up an embroidery sweat-shop in the basement.  I’m not even telling myself it’s a possible way to pay for a new machine. I have things to do that don’t involve slavery. My own or others.  Nope a professional, multi-head machine is not in my future.

Next I look at the multi-head machines designed for home use.  The price doesn’t exactly take my breath away.  I mean were not indigent, but don’t claim wealth either.  It comes down to do I want this enough to make the payment? So I look closely.

I was surprised that the Happy and PR didn’t boast a larger embroidery field. It’s the same popular 5×7″ embroidery field with  more needles to do the embroidery.  I’m not particularly against threading the needle. Oh from time to time, I do have to wrestle with the automatic threader but it’s not that big of a deal.  But, having 4 needles to thread at the same time doesn’t make me estatic either. Faster stitch-outs? Yes these machines stitch faster but I don’t really care. I have my embroidery machine stitching at the same time that I am sewing or ironing or something in the same room. I am definitely a hobbiest who makes things for self, family and friends. I’m not into production embroidery or production anything. This purchase will be a separate embroidery station. I don’t have to rush through the embroidery so I can get back to sewing.  Faster is nice but not $7-10K nicer.

To top it all off, the machine is, once again, only the tip of $$$-iceberg.  After The Machine, you need the new hoops and the Ipad + software to control it (dang first downside of having bought a Nook instead of the 4xmore expensive IPAD), and different stabiliser and and and…


Conclusion: Stitching faster, in a 5×7 hoop is just not enough incentive to make a payment.  Multi-head machines are not going to be in my future.

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  1. Posted by Patti on November 26, 2013 at 12:18 am

    Check into a used brother 6 needle. Does not require special software. No Brother embroidery machine does. Embird works just fine. Largest hoop is 7.75 x 11.75 approx. had one, but had to sell it. Want another one again someday.

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