2009 6PAC Coat

I have been thinking/planning my 6PAC.  My colors are pretty firm, now its a matter of picking patterns, sewing methods and my favorite embellishments.  My mind has generated images of 2 garments, today I’m going to write about the coat.  I have a lovely crepe fabric that is a wool polyester, although it is more accurate to say polyester/wool since the wool is low content. However it is a spongy, pebbly fabric that’s a delight to the eye and hand


I think this picture slightly distorts the look of the weave, it is a crepe and the threads are much finer than seen in the photo, but the color is accurate, on my monitor at least, and looks good with all the other fabrics I chose and displayed earlier in the grey/truffle/rose pink colorway.  I knew I wanted to make it into a coat, the question was which one.  As I perused my collection of patterns and inspirations photos, I came across an old back page from Threads which featured a show stopping “opera coat”; and in my pattern collection was Vogue 1023 which looks similar to the Threads coat.  I would need to eliminate the collar, change the front lapels and eliminate the cuffs.



Now if I make an “opera coat” it will never get worn.  I need coats I can wear.  My current coats are beginning to show wear.  This time next year they will be ratty.  So I decided on the dark purple and using machine embroidery and maybe some beads in Truffle and dark purple.  This, I thought, would create a tastefully embellished coat that could be worn everywhere I go (Pamida, Super Dooper, Walmart etc, yeah I live an amazingly high styled life- NOT!). 



Next began the search for the right embroidery design.  As I’ve stated before I’ve been collecting embroidery designs for nearly 20 years.  I have an embarrassingly large collection.  It takes hours to peruse and I copy and paste “potentials” into a working directory.  That way I don’t have to go back through the 80,000+ designs; also I have a copy in a subdirectory where I can manipulate them as I wish without destroying the original.   I found a terrific feather

It would be unique and yet still keep the flavor of the Threads coat.  There’s plenty of opprotunity to make it mine; colors would be changed and could be all one color; add jewels or beads at the end of the swirls or in place of the candlewicking; or add beads within the feathers.  See that’s just what I thought of in 3 seconds. It’s a good design.  Would be easy to position multiple times or break into sections and use just a section someplace else.  Ah yes very good design.  Excellent choice, but my heart belongs to:




Heaven help me, but I can see lots of potential for this one too.  It’s easily split in several places, stitches out like a dream; beads or jewels could be incorporated in multiple places; and if I’m splitting anyway there is possibility for changing colors. 


But, sigh, it doesn’t really retain the flavor of the original garment.  With this design I have gone from the show-stopping emerald and black to dark purple and truffle (a very big change); moved to embroidery with beading or jewels instead of all beading and sequins and the lovely feather design would be abandoned for a botanical.   It hardly looks or feels like the original garment.  What to do? 


What do I do?  Ah right now I’ve steamed the fabric and cut out my tissue.  I measured strategic places so that I’m sure it won’t be to small (normally I’m a large I chose a medium for this pattern).  I’m ready to cut and do some stay stitching.  And then I think…… I think….. I think… I’ll flip a coin.