6 Pack update for 22 Dec 2009

No pics, haven’t had time but I am making progress.


I’ve begun the embroidery on my jacket.  I am using the medium grey embroidery thread.  I love the subtle tones of the medium grey embroidery whilst still being visible.  I have completed 2 embroideries, one on each front.  I am using the botanical rather than the feather design.  I decided that I’ve already moved so far from the spirit of the Threads Coat by using a dark colored fabric and not having a lot of contrast with the embroidery, that I may as well use the botanical design I love the most.  The Threads’ Coat was a show stopper with the emerald green fabric and jet black beading. My coat of dark purple and grey thread, Marathon calls this SilverRose, just doesn’t have the same impact.  But it is me.


I did split the design.   I have a large design

and it’s trimming





My plan is to place 4 designs  (each taking about 63 minutes to stitch) in prominent, expected places and then fill in any blanks with the trimming and these 2 small designs




The designs are of various sizes and I think I can place them in an attractive artistic way.  I still paln to add a few beads and jewels but the beads/jewels idea is not formulated at all.


Onto the pants. I’m so thirilled with the very idea of a Pant That Fits ME, SDBEV.  I’ve transferred the pattern changes.  To be accurate, I traced a copy of the original pattern with a red sharpie.  Then I slashed and spread either taping extra tissue paper or taping down tucks of tissue papper where needed.  I drew the changes in blue.  Checked everthing twice and then slept on it.  I have a total of 8 changes, 4 to front and 4 to back.  I carefully pressed my wool crepe fashion fabric  and my selected lining.  I cut both, but seperately, you understand.  I loaded my serger with 4 spools of thread in my serger and begain serging the lining to the fashion fabric.  UGHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The lining was 1″ shorter than the Fashion Fabric.  I don’t know how it happened.  To determine what was correct I placed the pattern back on the fabrics.  The fashion fabric (grey crepe) is correctly cut; the lining is somehow 1″ shorter.  At first I said “Crap. Guess I’ll sew the pants without lining as some knowledgeable sewist advised me. ”


And I did serge all around the back pieces.  But then I realised, I must have other acceptable lining fabric.  I positively would have bought 4 yards of lining fabric in basic colors anytime Walmart put it on their dollar table.  I thought, really I must have some other grey lining in the stash.  Checking my stash, I found a grey reminiscent of rip-stop nylon.  I didn’t do a burn test.  I looked and felt the fabric and decided, if I was sewing the jacket, I’d be OK with using this rip-stop for lining.  But for pants I want something a little more comfortable.  I continued to search or as some as put it “shop my stash”.  Found a second grey-blue.  But realised immediately that I bought this as a novelty fabric for a top.  It has kind of a rough shiny exterior which would be attractive to the eye, but uncomfortable on the skin (assuming that it would ever touch skin).  My other pieces were not grey.  They all might have been acceptable, but one was particularly soft and a nice-feeling woven  in a champagne color.  Not my first choice in colors, but the texture, weight and drape was wonderful.  This time, I placed the already cut fashion fabric onto the proposed lining and cut my pieces of lining.  I did manage to serge completely around all pieces (lining against fashion fabric) so that I will have a nice seam finish and I got it done before dinner.  Tomorrow I will press; and press in a front crease; and stitch my darts; and put in my zipper; and baste the pieces together. 


Now that I am moving along with these 2 pieces, I need to start thinking about the rest of my 6 pac.  Let’s see that was





Trousers (dark neutral) probably Grey  – grey wool crepe in progress.


2 Tops (1 to match, 1 to complement)


2 layering tops/cardigans/jackets probably a vest and a cardigan


Coat (dark neutral), whoops.  Mine is a Dark purple.  Not necessarily a neutral but a very nice color.


So I’ve started.