Finished: the Brown Vest

And I have pictures to share.  Let’s see the vest on Mimie first:

I tried a little styling on Mimie with just the belt and a bright blue T shirt.  I do kind of like this view and I definitely wanted to point out that Brown can be worn with other colors. On myself:


I’m liking it even more.  I wore the same blue top, but the belt is different and was threaded through the belt loops of my pants and so worn under the vest instead of over it.  Note, this is me after wearing this getup all day.  Yes there are wrinkles.  Always.  After a day of wearing, the only thing that doesn’t wrinkle is good ol’ polyester double knit.  I think that’s been outlawed. I feel like the vest just kicks it up a notice for me.  Sure the jeans and T would have been fine since I was just around the house yesterday.  But the vest made the outfit special.  I didn’t change when DH asked if I wanted to go out to eat. Well we only went to the local grill so maybe no one else would change clothes either.


Anyway I’m very pleased with both this and the black rayon vest. I think this one is a little longer in the back than in the front.  Which I will adjust next time.  Also when I started to alter the pattern I realized I could do the narrow shoulder only on the side pieces.  So instead of box, cut and move, I did just my normal narrow shoulder adjustment. 


I took more pictures of the black rayon vest.  Unfortunately my camera decided it needed more light and the result was a yellowed mess.  I’m also having problems with it focusing now.  I wonder if I’ve accidentally set something or unset something that makes a difference.  I’m sorry I couldn’t share the pictures.  Today was grocery shopping day.  Yes it’s amazing what excites the old folks.  I wore a pair of pants and long sleeve T the color of Krafts Karamels (not the chocolate ones the carmel ones).  I wore the same boots and I’m having a love affair with the amber necklace and earrings DH bought me for Christmas 2009.  In certain lights the amber is red; others  amber brown.  It’s an interesting stone.  The set is casual enough to be worn with everything but adds just a bit of class.  Worn just with the pants and T shirt, I look like the middle-aged, pot-bellied woman I am.  Add the rayon vest and I looked 20 pounds slimmer and 60 points smarter.  I don’t know why. A vest just affects my attitude.