3619 Vests: Gold


I have completed a third vest. Where is that happy smiley face. Apologies for the fuzzy pictures.  I’ve found the antishake setting on my camera.  The camera is attached to a tripod.  But still I will have a few blurred pictures.


This third vest came about through a series of events. To start with I couldn’t decide what to do with the blue serge so it is still sitting. I was making pants from Jalie 2908 trying to tweak the fit and noticed a nice green that would coordinate with the 4th generation of Jalie 2908. The jeans didn’t work. Read about that here but I had the vest planned. Except now I didn’t want to make it out of green fabric. Green is not a dominate color in my wardrobe. I would have little to wear with a green vest. I already have several vests that languish in my closet. I need vests that coordinate with other garments. But I want to make this vest cause I’ve already planned it.


I decide upon a upholstery remnant in light creams, yellow with a grey thread. I purchased the remnant some time ago to make summer purses, but I thought there might be just enough for a vest. I had planned embroidery using the digitized stitches from the DAR Museum  but now I don’t want green embroidery, I want something that will be neutral. I looked at that grey thread and compared it carefully to the Marathon Thread Chart that I have. (A most valuable tool). The grey is really a very muted steel blue. I test the steel blue and a couple of yellows. I love that blue. I mean it was astounding. But I wonder how useful it will be. So I take my sample to my closet and compare. The steel blue will work with about 60% of the hanging shirts. The yellow will work with 100%. Which makes me hesitate. I can get a lot or a whole lot of use from this vest just by choosing the embroidery thread color. I want the blue, but I think the yellow would be much more beneficial right now. I put the vest on hold on move on to another pair of Jalie 2908 jeans. They failed too and you can read about them in the same link above. But that did give me enough time to decide to use the yellow embroidery thread.



I did edit the stitches from the DAR Museum.  In several places I added join stitches so that the embroidery stitches without long jump stitches.  I trimed one of the scrolls to just the essentials and used that in the center of the back. 



I used KS 3619 again. Having transferred changes from the Brown Vest I wanted to see how well it fit. I did not use the contrasting front band and I again folded the pattern at the center front so that I have a symetrical piece.  I prefer the symetrical, but will eventually make the asymetrical vest pictured here.

I added my pockets to the inside again, but I think I have a slight goof.  I added the pockets underneath the front facings.  In the pic it looks almost like a waist support.  Makes for a nice smooth interior, but part of my pockets are unavailable for use.  I have folded down the top of the pocket.  This creates a little more security for keeping my toys inside my pockets.





Nonethless, I’m very pleased with this vest.  I interfaced it more than some of the previous vests.  I have layers underneath the front and neck facings of a heavy weft.  I’ve found that after a few years my vests are curling and not holding their shape as well. Vests, like jackets, are rarely laundered.  I spot clean and press after every wear.  I run them through the dryer with dryell once or twice a year.  Some of my vests have never been laundered.  Others have been laundered only once.  I don’t think it’s the laundry.  I think it is time and wear or hanger time that causes the lapel area to curl.  I used a heavy tricot, but I’m looking at the Atlanta Threads Catalog and thinking I might prefer some of the tailoring weft.   


I have more sewing to share, but that’s for another post.