….aka Sewing With Knits




Knits are hard to sew.

I can’t control knits.

Knits are hard to fit.

I hate knits.

Lycra is the devils invention.



I frequently hear and read comments like those above.  Usually in response to one of my completed knit garments.  I’m here to share what I do that makes knits easy for me.  But first a disclaimer.  I don’t claim to know everything.  I am learning daily just from reading other’s blogs.  I also don’t claim there is no other way to handle knits or that other procedures might not produce better results.  I’m just sharing what I do and I think knits are THE easiest garments to sew.  I sewed 3 tops in one 4 hour session.  (I did cut them the night before after drafting, cutting and sewing my last drape front cardigan.)


Fabric:  I buy whatever fabric catches my eye.  Usually I’m looking at color or texture.  I’ve learned, of late, to take note of how much Lycra is in the fabric.  One of my jeans patterns is very specific.  I will confess since I”m excited and purchasing based on visual or sensual tactile appeal, not all my knits work out.  You don’t see the wadders.  BTW, whatever I buy, however it arrives (back of car, UPS, FedEX, DHL, Speedy, etc), I prewash.  I serge the ends and throw it into the next load of laundry. Of course there are some exceptions.  I steam wool but don’t wash.  So far, I’ve washed all the silks, rayons and everything else.  I don’t have a dry cleaner in my little town.  I have a place where I can leave things to be cleaned.  A service comes through periodically picks up and drops off.  Periodically, as in about every 6-8 weeks.  I try to avoid dry cleaning.


As usual for me, sigh, I’ve written entirely too much for one Blog post.   My future posts on this subject will cover at least:

  • Fabric selection (this post)
  • Pattern selection
  • Fitting
  • Layout
  • Cutting
  • Thread selection
  • Stitch selection and settings
  • Testing
  • Just Sew
  • When to quit.