Butterick 5525 A Pattern Alteration Adventure

I made this pattern, Butterick 5525


View C,  long sleeves last winter.My version was embroidered on the center front and constructed with a slinky fabric left over from what seems like eons ago:

I’ve got to admit, it has a certain romantic flavor to it; as well as being comfortable and flattering to wear. Well with cravats in regards to the neckline.  First off, as others have noted the neckline is too wide.  I fixed mine by threading 1/4″ clear elastic through the front  facing, pulling to adjust for length and then securing with appropriately placed stitching.  My fix does nothing to diminish the appeal of the garment but I do not have a smooth front neckline as shown on the envelope. My neckline is softly, romantically gathered.  Very nice, if I do say so myself.

But I have a second issue with the neckline.  If you insist, I will say this is my fault.  But I looked at the drawing and the schematic and said “OK there’s the collar bone and the neckline looks about 2″ below.  For winter I’d prefer my neckline not lower than the collar bone, but I’ll try it out at least once. Especially since this does seem to be trendy right now.”  To my horror, the finished neckline is just barely above the top of my bra and without my elastic fix, the straps of my bra would be revealed; clearly visible.


Now, I know the I have  a problem.  I expect clothing to be weather appropriate.  To me the main function of clothing is to ameliorate the effects of weather. Oh yes it has many other functions, but the primary goal, for me,  is to make the weather less uncomfortable.  I find it difficult to comprehend a comfy warm knit  + long sleeves, punctuated by a navel baring neckline. Sorry, doesn’t work.  Winter clothing should keep my arms, torso and cleavage warm.





I made this version but only wore it twice.  It’s actually destined for the donation box.  I’m sure there is someone out there, about my size, who is far more daring and less concerned about the temperature and wind. Sure there is. Else why do the designers keep putting forth this type of garment?

But for me the question was, “How can I raise the neckline of this garment?”  It’s the only real objection I have.  It fits wonderfully.  It’s romantic; flattering, even the color and embroidery choice are winners. But with the low neckline and long sleeves, I’m unlikely to wear it.  No I won’t wear it this summer—the sleeves are too long for summer.  I’d probably wear this with short sleeves, cap sleeves or something arm baring for casual activities during warm weather.  I mean the neckline is at the lowest acceptable point for me i.e. it covers my bra (once the neckline is sufficiently narrowed).  But it is not a winter-worthy garment PERIOD

… and not viable for any non-casual activities.  Yes, think about it.  Do you really wear cleavage exposing garments to work? To church? DH and I have this repeated discussion. (OK DH listens while I bit…) You learn, very rapidly, if you want to be taken seriously in the work environment, you save the boob-a-licious garments for relaxed, casual, times. Hollywood is always showing off women’s boobs.  Doesn’t work that way. Not if you are serious about work.

Whoops  as usual I’ve written too much.   I think this is a

………………….to be continued