Neckline Quick Fix

Remember this:


KS 3593 in a cotton knit t-shirting but the color and print made for a cute flirty top.  Even DH liked it. Trouble is at the neckline.  Look at the top of the very front.  See how it wants to stand away from the body?  The bottom of the band hugs my body nicely. I don’t glance down into my bra, which is a good thing. Still it bothered me that the band was not hugging my body.  I had altered the pattern by trimming it 1/4″ evenly both front and back.  For future versions, I’ll be subtracting a wedge in a couple of places so that the bottom of the band is unaffected, but the top clings more closely to my flat, hollow chest.


But for this one I decided upon the neckline quick fix shared in my July 4th post.  This time I used 1/4″ flat elastic.  This is my favorite elastic for this fix.  It threads through the quasi-casing easily. Pins temporarily during adjusting. When I’m satisfied with the final fit, the ends are easily zig zagged to each other and don’t come undone.


I couldn’t open up the band.  I started and then realized I had some good SAS in place, plus serging the inner and other band together, plus top stitching.  The best choice, especially since this is a knit, was making a little slit.  I put a pin in at each end of the elastic.  That way I can grab either end for threading and the other pin will keep me from pulling the elastic completely into the casing.  My slit was about 1/4″ but widened to about 3/8 after I pulled one end completely through.



Completely? Well yes, I wasn’t sure how much I’d need to adjust and wanted to wear it all day adjusting until I was satisfied. I crossed the ends and pinned them to opposite sides just because this will lay the flattest while I’m wearing the garment.


I haven’t finished this yet.  My wardrobe is not exactly thinned out and we’ve been having unusually cool weather. I seem to wear shorts and sleeveless styles for 2 days then jeans and long sleeved T shirts for 7. Eh, the weather. You know.