The Ruby Pages

In 2010, just about Thanksgiving, I purchased a new Almost Top-of-the-Line sewing machine.  I chose the Husqvarana Viking Ruby.  It had nearly all the features I desired, along with all the improvements the industry has made since my last TOL purchase of a Bernina 1630. That’s over 15 years.  The only feature Ruby lacks, when compared to my 1630, was the ability to create my own sewing stitch files.  Not embroidery files but combinations of stitches that create pictographs or simple designs and do not require an attached hoop for stitching out. It seems that the industry as a whole had (at that time) decided that sewists were not and would never again be interested in creating their own stitch files. The industry assumed we were only interested in more and more complicated machine embroideries. Apparently they don’t watch fashion trends. Garments heavily encrusted with rayon or polyester threads have lost their appeal. Fashion constantly changes, evolves and revolves. Fashion has been adding more delicate embroideries and other embellishments for several years.  A year after my sewing machine purchase, I see the industry catching on.  There are at least 2 machines on the market which would provide the stitch creation functionality.  They merely needed to reach into the vaults and add another “page” to their machines and Voila – a NEW sewing functionality.  I’m not buying. Why?  Well I’m still paying for My Sweet Ruby and, very important to me, my dealer doesn’t sell those brands of machines. I visited dealers for 2 years before I began returning Heirloom Creations on a regular basis. Another 2 years before deciding upon the Ruby.  Additionally there is so much about Ruby that I haven’t even began to explore.  This machine has wonders yet to reveal to me.

But back to the purpose of this post.  I will be publishing a series of posts – all under the title and index of  TheRubyPages- to share the more subtle or unusual features of this wonderful machine.