01: 2011 Winter 6PAC

I haven’t forgotten about my 6PAC for this winter.


I really need/want a black winter coat and a check in my closet showed that refreshing the whole black/grey winter capsule was in order.  The first fabric chosen would be the black wool for the coat – not shown here because a photo of a black hole isn’t any different than a photo of a black piece of fabric.  My second choice for fabrics is the grey immediately left.  It is a beefy, cotton/poly, double knit.  This is what I’m using for the trousers.  I’m using the recently almost fitted McCalls 6440

I have enough also for one of the layering garments.  I’ll be making vest Vogue 8756

I have a 2nd piece of the knit fabric.  The fabric looks exactly the same, but when I handle it I can tell it is not as beefy as the first.  I want to make a top out of this 2nd piece. I haven’t decided exactly what pattern to use.  I’m thinking of my recently purchased  Loes Hinse 5210


I haven’t fitted it but given my previous experience with Loes patterns, I believe that will be super easy.  It’s just that I’d like something a little more exciting. Maybe McCalls 6399


But then I think, as busy as the vest is, maybe the top should be much plainer.  Maybe I should be doing a classic T shirt, Pamela’s Patterns 104 would be a good choice;


Opps, this post just got entirely too long.  Come back tomorrow.