I have numerous samples of Stitch Recipes.  Choosing just one is difficult.  I decided to try to replicate:

Now this pic has been greatly enlarged so you can see it.  I believe this is a Bernina sample but could be wrong.  My finished sample:

needs 3 rows of stitching and as you can see is not exactly the same as the inspiration piece.  Row One and Three are created by using Stitch #2 from N1 (Fashion Stitches) menu.  I opened the Programming mode, selected the stitch, duplicated the stitch and then mirrored the second stitch. Simple. Quick. For Row Two (center row), I used Stitch 7 Menu X1 (Speciality Stitches).  I just lined up the center red mark of my foot on the line I’d previous chalked on the fabric and stitched until done.  This stitch really should look like an Asterisk *, it doesn’t because I didn’t stabilise the fabric.  My fabric is a stretch denim. I’m stitching with a stretch jeans needle.  Stabilising does matter and is necessary even on such a heavy fabric.