Ribbon Heart

I saw this design used to embellish a ribbon hence the name chosen: Ribbon Heart.

The Inspiration:

My replication:

I may revisit this design when I learn more about how Ruby’s programming modes work.  There are 2 major differences in my mind.

1) I used a single color where the original is a 2 color design.  I tend to think that a 2 color design might be better executed in Embroidery mode.  Although it  is certainly possible to stitch one row in one color and then stitch in the same line a 2nd row in a second color.  For now, I’m ignoring this in favor of just working with the machine and the software to see what it will do.

2) The leaf/swirl/vine of the first is dramatically different from the second.  The original leaf/vine seems to be the result of a stitch + same stitch mirrored rather like I did with Des01 from yesterday. Ruby’s stitch is one whole stitch. No changes, no replication, no mirroring.  That’s the way the stitch will always stitch with it’s defaults.

I used Stitch 36 Menu N2 for the Vine and Stitch 30 Menu D2 for the heart. It was not necessary to alter the machine defaults.  These two stitched out fairly well even without stabiliser.  I was once again using stretch denim fabric and stretch jeans needle.  (I’m working with scraps in my stash.)  I tried to copy the vine using Stitch Positioning but in the end felt I made a bigger mess than anything.  I still don’t know enough about the entire machine to really know if I’ve done everything or if I’ve done anything right.

Still I would use this combination just as it is.  I do think it has the flavor of the original, just not the exact replication.