Leaf Flower

Two changes to format I want to warn you about.  I’ll no longer be telling what order I created these stitches in. I’m working over several days and then writing my posts.  My order of creation can’t really be that important besides do I really want to announce “this is the 26th” or whatever??

Secondly when describing the stitches used, I will use the notation Menu-Stitch.  So Stitch 26 of Menu N will be written N-26.  Just easier for me but I thought I should at least be polite enough to explain.


Another decorated ribbon.  I’m mostly interested in the larger design and have ignored the scalloped edge.  Scallops are easy to create on any modern machine and don’t really need to be documented unless they form part of another design.

My Version:

There is a little ding at the beginning and end of the design.   I created this using a pictogram C1-3.  The default was kind of big so I changed the width and length to 3. Then I mirrored it.  The ding stitches out as whole unit when in fact 2 stitches were needed. The leaves are actually Hearts from stitch N1-35.  Problem for me was that they were spaced 2 stitches apart and I wanted them close together like little leaves.  I successfully used the StitchPositioning software Menu T1 and walked back 2 steps (Reverse is not available in Ruby’s  programming mode.) The central flower is M1-6 is stitched out only once then the 3 leaves (with their back stitches) and the ding (from the 2 pictograms) is repeated.

For my sample I stitched out my version 3 times.  For fun I rummaged around until I found my soft oil pencils and colored in the third stitch out.  The Aussies are famous for this little trick (combining ink and embroidery).  It’s a wonderful little trick. Quick, easy, and produces wonderful results.  I have oil pastels, soft oil pencils, the oil bullets (from Shiva) and some stencil inks.  I’m seriously thinking of buying Inktense pens/pencils.  I love this technique and should use it much more often.  My concern is will the paints and inks dry out before I get a reasonable amount of usage?  Remember I said I use these decorative stitches 3 or 4 times a year.  So my question is can the paints last 2 or 3 years? What care do I need to give to insure they last that long?  Inktense pens are in the $100 range for 70 + pens.  For that price, I want not only beauty and durability on the finished item, I want durability in the supply locker!