Resuming the Intense Experience

I learned a good lesson.  When I want materials for a current project, pay the extra $2 for shipping.  My materials were  shipped immediately via Fed Ex’s new ‘we’ll get it to you our way our time” shipping method with an estimated delivery of May 1st. Ok, I think I would have expected my box by Friday, but they say the following Monday. I can live with that.  My package spent two days in transit from the hub 76 miles away. I’m not that familiar with FedEx. Generally it’s the most expensive shipping because FedEx enjoys the reputation of being fastest and most careful.  I’m not sure why it takes FedEx 2 days to transport my package 76 miles, until I pick up the package at the USPS. I don’t mind picking things up at my local PO.  It’s just that I was anxiously waiting for this package so I could continue my project.  This is only my 2nd order from this particular site. I have no outstanding recollection of the first shipping because that was all stuff going to replenish my supplies.  Most of it has been placed on my shelves for future use. But this package I needed.  Next time I need stuff now, I’m going to pay the extra $2 so that the USPS handles the package from start to finish.  USPS priority mail coming from Illinois would have been in my mailbox in 3 days vs the 12 FedEx needed..

I do like my supplies.  I ordered not only the Textile Medium but also 2 booklets and some fabric paints.  I’ve learned that for me the drag of Inktense Pencil on fabric over long periods of times results in pain. The paint brush and marker do not have the same ill effect.  So while I love the results of the Intense Pencil, a better use, again for me, is covering the large area with paint/marker and creating details with pencil. So I purchased fabric paints from CreateForLess and plain acrylic paints from Walmart. Yeah, we made the monthly Walmart run before receiving my supplies from CreateForLess.  Fabric paints were a minimum of $2 +change. The same size bottle of acrylic craft paint, at Walmart, was 53cents. (Oh and no shipping, but driving and gas expense.)

I sat down to test my fabric paints which involved pulling out the small boxes of supplies and samples.  When to my wondering eyes appeared… (sorry couldn’t help myself)

This sample.  At first I couldn’t even remember making the sample.  Then I remembered having locally seen and purchased a set of Crayola markers which had no indication of their permanency.  I remember deciding to try them, but could not and cannot remember exactly what I did.  I have no idea what AP  is supposed to indicate. I can guess that #2 brush means that I used a size 2 brush to apply something.  The other faded words indicate that I laundered after playing with the sample. But what colors I used, how I used them, who manufactured them and if I heat-treated or sealed, well is lost knowledge.

I realized that I need to correct the lost knowledge situation.  My feeling is that I will not be painting every piece of fabric.  I will alternate painting, with markers, embroidery, stencils and other embellishments.  I’m likely not to be painting more than once quarterly. In a way, I’m looking for methods to add or change color to large areas of fabric. There have been many times I’ve wanted to buy fabric or did buy fabric but the colors weren’t right. Either not right to start with or not right to coordinate with the project I wanted to do.  Being able to add the color of my choice or change the coloring somehow to my choice would be wonderful.  But I don’t see myself doing this all the time, just occasionally, and not often enough to remember all the details of my experiments.  Rather than spend days testing, setting, laundering every time I want to work with a particular media, I prefer to create a personal reference. In this case, I’m using a wire bound, sketching journal about 9×5″.  One the left I’m recording the actions taken on the right I’m taping the finished sample.  I started with the finished Intense samples; cutting them to size and recording in the journal my actions. Thankfully for the Intense experiments I had made notes and posted them on my blog.  My journal pages look like:

I have 4 different pages, because my original 8×8″ samples wouldn’t fit neatly on the page. Past experience has taught me that I want these samples protected by the journal. That meant trying to find a logical way to reduce the size of the sample. I ended up making 2 samples out of the originals. At some point I need to repeat the experiments with the markers while recording the actions taken. I like using fabric markers but find they don’t blend really well and of course not all markers are permanent. While the results of the first sample are not what I wanted for this project, they might be for a future project.