Inktense: Leaves and Stems

I resumed this project by documenting my samples and then turned to the next question of how to handle additional colorations. Was it enough that the flowers now visually leaped from the fabric? I didn’t think so. I didn’t feel like it was balanced and harmonious so I began by using and testing the recently acquired paints.
The alluring metallic brown is called Renaissance Brown SoSoft fabric paints line (manufacturer not at my fingertips this second.) There is also a dark green from the same line named “Olive Green”. Although I like both these I feel that the green is too dark and the metallic competes too much with the flowers. I’m using a brush sized 0. So I turned to the craft acrylics I bought at Walmart and started playing with the “Light Ivy Green” in the Plaid paint line. The SoSoft paints were used straight from the bottle. The Plaid paint was mixed at a 2:1 (paint:medium) rate with the Delta’s Textile Medium and then applied. To test how well the colors worked together, I also quickly colored in parts of a flower with the Inktense Pencils.

I used the size 0 brush and also some interesting bottle tips. Dang! I must be searching wrong. I can’t find these on the internet. They replace the default top on the 2oz bottles of paint. When you squeeze the bottle paint is expressed, like a bead of caulk except these “beads” are much smaller. Unfortunately it was not the look I was going for. But I did play with the bead and tips, expressing different sizes and breaking up the bead with both brush and toothpick strokes. Interesting, but not the look I want for this project. I also pulled out the purple pencil manufactured by Walnut Hallow Farm. My favorite “look” was that of a narrow stroke of the Light Ivy followed by edging with the purple pencil. The Light Ivy tends to bleed on the opposite side of the pencil while on the pencil side the colors blend into a beautiful deep brown. Looking closely, there is still purple coloring, but the brown dominates that edge.

I painted the leaves in several different ways, only to be disappointed each time. I think when the leaves are highlighted, the flowers lose their dominance. I like the balance between highly colored flowers, enhanced slightly stems and untouched leaves. I settled into painting the stems while watching finishing Borgia courtesy of Netflix and my Nook.