Redecorating the Bathroom: The Towels

The embroideries I chose are not  good in combination with thick lush towels.  Redwork and similar stitcheries simply disappear into the terry cloth.  I had in my stash about 3/4 yard of fine-twill fabric left from a pair of pants but in an excellent coordinating brown.  I cut six (one for each end of *3 towels) 15X5″ strips and embroidered upon them.  On one end of every towel, all 3 motifs are shown:..
on the other is 3 of only one of the motifs such as:..

I am pleased with these but definitely suffered a blonde moment.  I’m working away on the Inktense Project which at this point is a lot of painting by hand while sitting at the cutting table.  At the same time I’ve got the MC9500 embroidering these strips.  Because of the size of motif, it is best to embroider each motif separately in the approx 4×4″ hoop. I’m in the middle of the 3rd strip when I realize, instead of hooping 3 times, I could have this running on the Ruby and hoop only 1 time per strip.  So I spend a few minutes creating files for Ruby at my computer (I prefer to plan at the computer with the big screen and transfer the ready-to-embroider file to the embroidery machine).  I hoop and embroider the last 3 strips at the Ruby who also embroiders these in about 1/2 the time needed for the MC9500.  After that it’s about 30 minutes at the ironing board turning those edges and applying SAS and finally stitching the strips to towels using the edge stitching foot.  I do love my HV Ruby. I do. I do. I do.  The edge stitching foot was one of those that came with the machine and which I use very often.

*why 3 towels.  These are to be luxurious hand towels. I replace the hand towels in my bathroom every other day.  I launder just about as often.  3 towels gets me through the week and allows me to afford/justify the $9 price of these towels.