The Completed Inktense Project


Sorry bad hair, face and bod day so all the pics show Mimie (dressform) always at her best.

I used my classic Kwik Sew 3185 pattern View B.

My vest is fully lined in a light cotton.  I took pictures but they just look white on white which shows almost as much detail as black on black.  I did put in my interior pockets and because this was meant to be light weight for summer, I took the side seams in 1/2 inch.  I use the size large which is a bit roomy but in the winter when everyone in SD resembles the Michelin Man (?sp?) it fits fine.  During summer, I increase those side seams just a little.
The back seam does detract from the over all look of the pattern. I was constrained by the amount of fabric available. Also this is a directional print and it was difficult to place the pattern pieces in a way that would not be abrupt. I really needed all the seams. The fabric while light weight, is very stiff. If I hadn’t had those seams the vest would have stood out from my body like an empty whiskey barrel.


I specifically colored only the flowers and stems on the fronts and backs. It was a deliberate decision arrived at during the coloring and as a result of weighing the options explored on the test pieces. I felt this indicated where I started from (the uncolored fabric) and highlighted the flowers. I colored only the stems because IMO it seemed to balance the flowers and anchor them to the fabric. When I added color to the leaves, I felt the flowers lose focus and importance.

Would I do this again? Yes, no and maybeso. First I loved the final result, but it was a lot of work and very tiring to my hands, wrists and back. I do feel that a better use of the pencils is adding details to the gross painted work as I did on the stems. I definitely will paint fabric again. I definitely will use Textile Medium again; and I definitely will use the pencils again just not exactly the same as I’ve used any/all of these in this particular piece.

My Inktense Project was an absorbing and mind soothing activity spread over several posts. If you’d like to read the entire journey start with the last post (Apr 19)  in this link


4 thoughts on “The Completed Inktense Project

  1. Beautiful, Bev! You did a very artistic job filling in those flowers! A very painterly look.

  2. Nice vest Bev, and thanks for showing what pattern you used. Love vests myself and I’m always open to a new pattern, especially one with princess seams.

    Theresa in Tucson

  3. Lovely, Bev, really lovely. I wouldn’t have thought to undertake such a project; I would have just made up the fabric without painting. However, now I will look at such fabrics differently. Thanks for the insight. Gail D.

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