Simplicity 3506 Not Failure but

not a roaring success.   I’ve had this crinkle fabric for ages.  It is a vertical stripe of dark and light peach alternating with strands of Lurex.  Up close it is a beautiful fabric; far more beautiful than these pics would indicate.  It was only 36″ wide so I bought 5 yards.  I do think it was a Walmart fabric so I wasn’t spending very much to be sure I had enough for whatever final project. This year I decided it had to be a long, summer-dress.  I discovered that I have only 1 wearable summer dress.  The others are either badly-worn or too small.  (Yes I’m having weight issues.) I had thought of using my classic Kwik Sew 2599, but decided that I really wanted to use Simplicity 3506

for it’s extended shoulder line and front yoke.  I had assumed that the front yoke was created by extending the back shoulder line and I was surprised to find that the yoke was a separate piece.  Since my vision was the former, I carefully measured seam allowances and pinned the front yoke to the back shoulder.  I also did  my narrow shoulder adjustment but because there is little side definition and I wasn’t planning on using the waistline darts, I skipped the back waist length adjustment.  I checked the length against 2599.  I wanted a long dress but because I traverse a set of 15 steps multiple times daily and I fear tripping, I opted to alter the pattern to make this about 7″ above my ankle.   This is where my calve begins narrowing and it’s a good look for me.

My last pattern “alteration” was to cut a one-piece shoulder-armscye  facing.  The pattern calls for bands.  I didn’t think that would be enough stabilization for the fabric I’m using.  I don’t know if this was a good idea or not.

Front, Simplicity 3506

I thought it would turn out to be similar to the dress I made from Louise Cuttings Pure aNd Simple Shell

Click to read about the PNS Dress

I like the PNS dress but didn’t make a permanent pattern. I’m hoping that Simplicity 3506 is similar enough to be a permanent reference.

All the pics are shown on Mimie because this looks better on Mimie than it does on me.  I planned to wear this belted just above my waist but had to remove the belt a few minutes into wear.

The dress has two problems:  1 the armscyes are too tight.    I cut a size 14  but eased out to a size 16 across the tummy and hips –the places were my body adds the most padding.   I used the underarm dots indicated for the size 14.  Oh and I serged this from start to finish. Dumb.  The first time I make a pattern I really ought to baste enough to try it on for fit.

The second issue is that the neckline gaps badly.

It looks much worse on me.  I can fix the armscyes, I just need a little quality time with my seam-ripper to add a little more length to the armhole.  I’m hoping this added length will also take care of the gaping that’s taking place at the back of the armscye.   Oh and I’ll put off fixing the neckline until that’s done because it could be that the too tight armscye is also causing strain and affecting the neckline.


back Simplicity 3506

So it has two clearly identifiable problems but I also just don’t really like it.  Somehow the fabric is no longer really beautiful.  I’m not sure why. It just doesn’t look as gorgeous sewn-up as it did folded on my shelves.  Has that ever happened to you?


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  1. your dress looks so cute! Sorry for your disappointment though. It looks like it would be a cool summer dress. Might be worth the investment to make the arm openings a bit bigger!

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