M6077 Ver 2

I’m not rockin’ this pattern.
I intended to tweak the fit and use this as a personal sloper for fitting other knit tops to my present bodily size. I added a 2nd 3/4″ narrow shoulder adjustment; shortened the length 3″ and trimmed a scan 1/4″ from the center front and back pattern pieces.Possibly, I should have guessed there would be this much ease because of the drag lines visible on the live models.  But still:
even on Mimi this top appears to have enormous amounts of ease. Mimie was stuffed when I was 20 pounds heavier.  The stuffing has since shifted and compacted but she is still larger than I am.  The top is made from a firm double knit cotton– that’s the cotton jersey on which both sides appear to be knit. Because it’s a double knit it’s much beefier than the standard jersey.  I prefer this type of knit because I don’t fuss with rolling edges and limp knit fabric. I like an even heavier version for winter wear. Nonetheless, this is a nice fabric.  It’s great to sew with and nice to wear.  Even in high temps, this fabric will be comfortable because the cotton readily absorbs moisture (sweat) keeping the body cool.

Point being that I made the 2nd version of M6770 in a very nice fabric and despite the alterations still doesn’t fit.  On me, the shoulders extend 1/2″ beyond my shoulder point and I can still pinch at least 1″ excess ease on both sides. If I take it in on the sides, the armscye will be too short.  If I take it in on the centers, the neckline will be uncomfortable.  I trimmed the tissue, so there’s no going back for a 2nd try. The things right about this pattern is the length-now adjusted to flatter my figure- and the color.

Yet, I will wear this. Because it doesn’t look bad on me, it’s just not the fit I wanted on a sloper.  I didn’t want to work with my previous TNT/sloper Kiwk Sew 3497.  KS3497 was one of the few KS patterns which never completely satisfied me. It was OK, (just like this) but not perfect. I wish Louise Cutting worked with knit fabrics.  Her patterns either fit me perfectly and flatter me beyond belief or are a total loss.  But you know what, I think I’m going to dig our the My Hearts a Flutter pattern and try it with knits.


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  1. Hi Bev! Why don’t you try pinching out a bit between the shoulder and the neck? I’m doing this now with the pattern I’m working with. Good luck!

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