M6077: Why most women give up on sewing:

Seriously, if we could pick a pattern, select the size and finish with a garment pretty near what we see on the face of the pattern envelope, more women would sew.

But what really happens is you pick a pattern, make a bunch of changes, hoping the pattern will fit; and you end up with something you feel you still need to change.
and to be honest, if you just had to make a few minor changes this one time and ever after the pattern would work well for you……. well we’d all be happy and sewing garments instead of quilts.

This is my 3rd version of M6077.  I compared with my wonderfully fitting Louise Cutting, shell pattern, My Hearts A Flutter.  The MAF was larger than M6077 which was already too large.  I decided I needed to keep tweaking the M6077.  I measured carefully. I pinched and compared.  I kept the same over all length.  I really didn’t like the longer length of the original.  When a top is that long it looks like I’m playing dress-up, wearing my mother’s clothing.  Clothing needs to be proportional to the body and mine, being shorter, needs shorter garments.  I noticed that I had trimmed the pattern 2 sizes larger when I had intended only to make it one size larger.  Ah, I think that’s the problem. I started with a pattern that was over all too large. Except, the armscye length was about right.  So with some trepadation I trimmed the sides down one size. I chose the next knit left over and quickly sewed Version 3 of M6077.

You see the results above. This is a smidge too tight.  It’s the fabric guys.  I’m banging my head against the wall because I didn’t even bother to check the stretch.  Didn’t I just learn this very week that it was important to check the total stretch and recovery? Is my short-term memory beginning to go?

There are 3 things right about Version 3

1. The length

2. The nice binding

3. The hem

OK actually I almost like this version. I do wish it had about 1/2″ more ease.  Just enough so that it wouldn’t be tight under the arms, across the back and hips.  I think the wrinkles in the middle of my back are from my posture.  I’m feeling a bit stiff and creaky. Sigh, I like this but it’s too tight under the arms to wear and definitely unattractive across my middle.  The hem is a real break through.  I’m always fussing about my fluting hems.  I carefully press; carefully fuse interfacing; carefully adjust the sewing machine and stitch the hem. Sometimes the fluting is really bad.  This time it hardly flutes at all.  The difference?  As I was applying the interfacing, I stretched the interfacing just slightly–just enough to be taut. Next time I’ll stretch the interfacing just a little more.  I’m terribly terribly pleased with my hem.

Not sure what to do about fitting a basic shell for knit fabrics.  I’ve trimmed this to the point of no return. I’m contemplating locating and tracing a pattern from one of my Burda  magazines.  It’s just odd that my TNT’s feel too tight, yet the next size up doesn’t fit either.