I’m really getting tired of M6077

… but there is a good purpose in following through until I’m satisfied with fit. I used basic, plain vanilla type garments to check key fitting points when using a new-to-me pattern.  I find that knowing the waist shaping and  bust darts are in the right place along with having enough ease to be essential.  I also can quickly visualize whether the neckline is going to be too low.
with Version 4 of M6077, I think I’ve finally reached to point of having a reasonable fit. I added 3/8″ to the side seams and trimmed about that much from the shoulders. I do think I need to increase the backwaist length adjustment. I’m still getting just a big of wrinkling mid back and the front is pulling forward and up. But the basics of this pattern are now fitting nicely. The shoulders and armscye are fitting; I have adequate ease under the arm and across both the bust and waist.

Yes this is going to my TNT for a sleeveless, knit top


One thought on “I’m really getting tired of M6077

  1. Yay! I’ve been lurking but not commenting. I am learning lots from your fitting experiments. I’m just getting back into sewing after a long hiatus!

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