Simplicity E2118 with Sheer Fabrics

Simplicity E2118 at Walmart several months ago

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4 thoughts on “Simplicity E2118 with Sheer Fabrics

  1. Beautiful top, Bev. I have considered this silk fabric many times. But since you had trouble sewing it, I will back off.


    1. Karen Your machines could handle the fabric better than mine. I prewash my silks so that I know I can dip in liquid starch for stabilising and launder after the garment is complete. I probably should have tested more. If I had tested I would have know that the 3 thread serger set up was insufficient. I could have set my machine for 4 threads or taped my seams. Please I encourage you to experiment with silk. It is wonderfully adaptive and strong. For normal laundering, I will place my silks in a lingerie bag using warm wash water and cold rinse. I put the silk (still in the lingerie bag) in the dryer until almost dry.

    1. Thank you Carole. This really should have been a simple project with all the effort on compatible fabric design with garment design i.e don’t want those bull-yey’s in the wrong place. I made it much more difficult by not thinking through and making a few quick tests.

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