Fabric 1 in Kwik Sew 2599

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started in Mid-May 2012 to document my attempt to use two fabrics which I should not have purchased.  This particular fabric
contains a lovely aqua-blue which appealed to my soul.  I knew at the time that the background and red flowers were not flattering colors. Flattering for me of course, YMMV.  But I thought I could do something creative to make it wearable.

Well, the final project is disappointing on so many levels.

Lets continue to talk about the color. In the previous posts I talked about removing color or maybe adding color.  I finally decided upon adding lace–lace in the same color as the aqua-blue–around the neckline. That prompted weeks of stitching-out various laces in various shades of aqua-blue  to determine which would best answer my needs.
I finally decided upon and stitching out 6 of these:


Actual color of the finished lace is aqua-blue

Then came the issue of choosing a pattern.  As mentioned in the last few posts, none of my TNT’s fit. I have purchased several dress patterns that I’d love to use but didn’t want to make a muslin prepping for what could turn out to be a muslin; especially considering how many weeks this project has been in progress. I decided to use my faithful Kwik Sew 2599
I’m really very frustrated by tracing the next size larger only to discover that it is too large while the current size is obviously too tight across the bust and hips. I had no choice but to retrace this pattern because the front was missing. I made my standard 1″ NSA and 1″ BWL before cutting out the fabric. I serged the shoulders, but basted the sides to check the fit.
for the record, I am not pleased.
This pattern was an instant classic for me. It has the horizontal bust dart and shapping along the side and center back seams. It was always a flattering garment but needed a little tweaking for fit. In the current iteration, it is a shapeless bag. Yes I have enough ease across the hips. I also have way to much space across the upper chest, the armscyes are too long and yes it’s too wide across here too. Of course the fabric didn’t help.  I managed to achieve awkward repeat placements.

I made the shoulder seam deeper to take care of the length of the armscye. That didn’t help with the width. So I trimmed into the armscye and also pinned out and trimmed the excess ease on the side. I finished the neckline and armscyes with lingerie elastic. I was going for a 1-to-almost-1 ratio, just enough to snug the garment to my body. The neckline is fine. The neckline elastic is scratchy. The armscyes are too tight. How did that happen???

BTW the lovely lace that delayed the project,
would not fit nicely around the neck edge. I settled for two placed at empire level. At the time I was thinking of adding a pull tie at the same level or maybe some interior-elastic. I’m glad I did neither. Because when I finished hemming I found that somehow the vented front-which was even when cut, even when checked was 1/2″ off and uneven after topstitching into place.
DH, bless his soul, likes it. I however will not be wearing this out of the house. I’m also so disappointed with the final fit, that I can’t use this pattern as a basic sloper for fitting my other dress patterns.  It’s a garment that will be worn once or twice before being consigned to the dustbin.


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  1. If you just need additional circum around the bust and hips with your current TNT of this pattern, have you considered just adding 1″ side seams to the TNT when you cut the garment and adjust for circum there? Do this would not change the neckline, or the depth of the armholes. Just thinking……………

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