Fashion In Harmony 902

from here on out to be referred to as 902. I’ve put off sharing this garment
because I didn’t want to wear it in public until I knew how it behaved. I made the basic version named Bonnie’s Blouse with intentions of making the other two versions if this one wears well.  You see, there are no side seams. Nope. It ties either in back
or in front
While it seemed secure during fitting, I’m cautious about the long time behavior. I think the ties will hold, it’s will they hold in the same place and will the sides stay as wrapped or will they shift revealing flesh I’d prefer to keep covered.

I”m getting behind in some of my posting so I’m sharing the garment today and may edit this post later with my wearing experience.

Mostly, this is a one piece garment. The back and front are one humongous piece with 2 small pieces for the ties. The pattern comes with separate front and back tie pieces but they are exactly the same excepting the notches which annotate back or front.  I choose a delicious 100% polyester crinkle from Fabricmart.  I finished the neckline with bias tape and added a small tab to the back neckline
so I could easily distinguish back from front when dressing. All the other edges are finished with a 3-thread rolled hem at the serger.  Bonnie’s Blouse offers a short or a longer sleeve.  Being narrow shouldered, I chose the short sleeve.  When I tried it on, the shorter sleeve finishes on me much more than an extended shoulder or cap sleeve but the way it looks on the envelope i.e. almost short sleeve length.  This just seems to me to say “summer” and I’d never want the longer sleeve YMMV.

This is an interesting pattern and easy to sew.  With the right fabric, finishing the edges would not be necessary. (I prefer for all edges to be finished.)  It is a fairly unique design. Depending upon how the garment behaves during wear, I would make the other two views, but I’m not sure that I would make any of them multiple times just because it is so unique.

2 thoughts on “Fashion In Harmony 902

  1. Very pretty! I’m anxious to hear your thoughts on the wearability of this shirt. I’ve always steered clear of them for this very reason.

    1. It was a great experiment, but not so flattering to me. Perhaps a younger, less matronly figure could really rock this garment.

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