I’ve been experimenting with a fabulous product which Kandi Corp gifted me, deColourant and deColourant Plus.  There is both a spray and cream formulation in an amazing range of colors.  deColurant removes color from fabric  while deColourant Plus removes the color from fabric while at the same infusing a new color.

The deColourant products are a wonderful change from other bleaching/coloring formulations. .  I used the deColourant Plus in the cream formulation. On my small samples, I noted no smell at all and no irritation either.  I was really really pleased with the control.  I could get too much product on my fabric which meant I had to learn to use a lighter hand when applying the product.

I first tested Turquoise. I was really tickled that the final color was the same color as what was in  the bottle.  I used a sponge applicator and a brush both freehand and with a stencil.  The product goes where I put it and stays there.  I made a mistake.  I dampened a rag and wiped it up.

I let the sample sit until dry to touch — about 20 minutes in this heat wave– and then steam pressed with my Rowenta Steam Generator iron. I was so pleased with this result,that I purchased more colors and I’m preparing more samples and projects to share.


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  1. This looks like fun! I’ve been wanting to do some sun dying, but this would have the same result, I think. I’m anxious to see what you do with it.

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