Kwik Sew 2734

At last, sewing to be proud of:
I’m using Kwik Sew 2734…
… another classic pattern I’ve owned and used for years.  It’s very basic and once fit can easily be adapted.  I used 5359 to check the fit across the shoulders, upper chest and bust. Then I pinned the top of the front and back together and placed them on Mimie to determine where to make the “empire” line.  I am short-waisted.  Normally, I make a 1″ BWL. For this dress I folded out 2″ between the empire line and armscye. I checked the length and skirt width against KS 2599 which didn’t fit across the chest but did fit my hips and I liked the length.  Once those adjustments were made, this pattern fit as I desired.

I’m using a cotton crinkle which is heavier than a gauze but still very light weight.  I placed the top front and back on the fold; the front skirt on the fold; but the back is cut on the selvage.  This allowed me to add a vent to the center back.
To relieve the plain feeling of the dress I added an embroidered motif.
I was going for colors that matched the colored stones in my earrings i.e. turquoise, gold, coral and jade. I was just about done and ready to add yellow crystals to match my yellow jade-earrings when DH showed up.  He was rather excited about my collection of Swarovski crystals (I believe he was thinking fishing) and insisted that the crystals should be ruby red.  Well I do have rubies. My rubies are more formal setting while this is a casual piece… But what the heck, how often is he going to be so easy to please and now I can tell him I have-to-have my crystals for my work and have none to spare for fishing.

After sewing the dress, I twisted the skirt portion similar to broomstick skirts. In my pictures my dress looks to be close fitting. I know from experience that as the day wears on and I move about that the garment will be less figure hugging (but I’ll never be say Madonna).

I love this dress.


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