Vogue 8025, Shrug

My dress from yesterday and the shrug shared today, were inspired and planned many years ago.  I saw a picture in a catalog of a crochet top over a gauze dress
and shortly thereafter purchased the fabrics in the store which were used for today’s creation. My fabric is royal blue rather than the denim blue of the inspiration. I look ok in denim, but royal is a much better color for me. The inspiration jacket was crochet. My shrug fabric is a cotton knit lace.

I always knew I would use 2734 for the dress. But it was years before I bought Vogue 8025.


I bought 8025 for the dress (which PatternReviewer’s say covers bra straps) but then realized the shrug was perfect for my project.  I was a bit concerned.  Those armscyes look very high and tight on the tissue and when pinned together and hung on Mimie.  I hesitated but overnight decided that this was designed for a knit and I’m using a knit; it’s designed to be worn over a sleeveless garment and that’s my plan too.  So, I didn’t alter the armscye. I did add my 1″ NSA and I added 7″ to the length of the shrug.  I wanted the shrug to end at or just below the empire line of the dress.  There’s nothing wrong with having the shrug much shorter.  I just prefer this look.

I applied black bias fusible tape to the shoulders, front and sides to stabilize the fabric. In retrospect, I wish I had applied clear elastic. It would have stabilized the fabric and not had any show through. I did the simplest sewing and finishing I could think of:  a strip cut cross grain, folded in half and serged to edges.

The back is even and finishes just above the waist it then traverses the side and curves up the front.
The fronts do not meet. Because I’ve applied no interfacing, I decided that no closure to drag down the front was needed
The sleeves are close-fitting. I wouldn’t make this shrug again unless I had an equally stretchy fabric. I also shortened the sleeves because others complained they were too long. On me of course they were too short and I was glad I was finishing with the folded band and could add a little length in a manner which looked planned.

The dog, Molly, was not a planned accessory. She just showed up to see what my photographer was doing and then decided she needed a little lovin’.


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