deColourant Plus Robins Egg Blue

I was really excited about my first tests with deColourant Plus and immediately purchased more colors.  The next color I worked with was Robins Egg Blue. I’m afraid Kandi won’t allow me to link to color itself, but only their page.  Please do go look at their page, scroll down and take careful note of the Robins Egg Blue, because…

the color on the page is not the same as the color in my bottle.  I purchased the 8 oz bottle directly from KandiCorp because I had a large project in mind and didn’t think that the smaller bottle would contain enough product. What I received was labeled Robins Egg Blue but is muddier somehow.  In the bottle, it is not the same clear pastel blue as I see on the web.  This could be an issue of representing color on the Internet.  We all know that the colors shown on our monitors is not going to be exactly the same as the real item.  But usually, on my monitor, the colors are very close.  The computer industry as a whole has improved so much in the handling of color that when I purchase fabric, I believe the picture on the screen and not the description.  My thought though was “Oh that looks different.  The color must change when heat is applied.”

Happily, I pulled out a stencil purchased from Interweave

and a silk screen purchased at Walmart to begin testing on my project fabric.

I was totally wowed by how deColourant Plus worked with the silk screen.


Actual size is about 3″ square maybe less.

deColourant Plus flowed through the screen in one swipe.

I used some masking tape as a resist and tested my stencil
deColourant Plus just handles wonderfully. I can’t say enough good about the application process. It’s easy, safe, very clean.

I let the samples dry to touch and this time “set” the color using my press. I was about to sell the ironing press. I haven’t used it in over a year. Real estate inside this house is valuable. Something not being used needs to go away. But, I think deColourant Plus may have given the press a second life.

I know that the deColourant Plus worked. This fabric is one that I’ve tested before with plain old bleach.  When bleached the underlying fabric color is a yellow.  I didn’t scan a picture of the back of the fabric, but I can see a yellow halo surrounding the design where the deColourant Plus was applied.

to be continued


2 thoughts on “deColourant Plus Robins Egg Blue

  1. So, the color was ok after all. Interesting. The color changes when heated. Hummm. I use my press to fuse interfacing. It saves a lot of time when making jackets–things like that which require a lot of interfacing.

  2. I rarely use my press but do use it to set deColourant and I am not sure if it is the product or the location of my press about 10′ away from my smoke detector, but the detector goes off when I set deColourant. I run the ceiling fan and keep the door closed to keep the smoke detector quiet. Also, I usually put a press cloth on top and on the bottom of the piece I am setting so that there is no chance of the deColourant staining the press or the ironing cover.

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