Butterick 5472

I used Butterick 5472 about 2 years ago to make a fabulous jacket and an amazing top. Although both items are fairly distinctive, I loved them and kept the pattern. Now I’m needing summer dresses and thought lengthening a very successful blouse would be instant success.
I’m using a cotton knit that’s been crinkled by stitching lines of very fine elastic cross-grain.  I’m sure the fabric will stretch, but I prefer skimming to silhouetting my curves. So I followed LindaT’s suggestion. Well almost.  Her suggestion was to increase the side seams to 1″.  What I actually did was cut between hem and armscye about 1/2″ from the edge and leaving a hinge at the armscye.  I then spread the pattern ensuring that I added 1/2″ at the bust and 1″ at the hips.   I did that to both front and back.

This is an easy pattern to sew.  I had the shoulders seams sewn and the sides basted in less time than I spent in preparation.  I slipped it over my head intending to check the mirror when DH popped his head in the door.  He immediately said it looked nice.  So after a short conversation, I proceeded to the full length mirror with high expectations…..

and was immediately dismayed:
What I saw in the mirror was a potatoe sack which collapsed across my bust and rounded the profile of my already round tummy. Not the look I was going for and BTW I’m not one pound heavier than I was for KS2437.

I tried to pin some ease out of the sides which only managed to make my tummy appear even rounder.  In sheer desperation, I grabbed a string of the fabric and tied it around my midsection
A little better but still lumpy. So I took the time to cut a 1.5″ strip cross-grain, pulled tight to encourage the roll and tied at the empire line.
Better, but still no modeling awards will be winging their way to me. I think the length is wrong for me.  I don’t like tie belts. I think they look cheap and last minute rather than planned. I added two beads (one to either end) but I’m not really satisfied. I don’t want to use a nice belt. The advantage of a dress in summer is all that air circulation to keep things cool. A belt stops the air from flowing passed wherever the belt sits. I always seem to perspire more heavily where the belt sits than either below or above. So a tie belt-loosely tied- is a better solution. I added belt carriers to the sides. They will keep the belt and thereby the shaping where I want the shaping to occur. I’ve picked up some additional beads and plan to work a bit more to make the belt longer and more interesting. OK so there may be a future blurb. In the mean time I’ll close with the haughty, disinterested model’s pose which everyone loves so well