An Interesting deColourant Project

Did I mention that I purchased a couple of colors of deColourant?  Kandicorp gifted me a turquoise and clear. I purchased the 8oz Robins Egg Blue from Kandi and from one of Amazon’s vendors purchased a neon set of  3 (orange purple and pink).  I’m not sure why I didn’t get lovelier results and wanted to work more with this fabulous product but I”m not ready to use it on a “special” piece.

Point 2, I see all these nightwear pieces in the store and patterns in the catalogs but always wonder who actually buys and wears that stuff.  Every female I know admits to the same nightwear wardrobe:

  • Winter:  oversized T-shirt and for those of us in cold climates long john bottom
  • Summer:  The Too-tight Tank Top

I bought a set of 3 tank tops the last time I was in Menards.  For those unfamiliar, it’s primarily a builders supply for the do-it-yourselfer.  They sell odd lots from time to time and had the tank tops prominently displayed and extremely cheaply priced.  I knew immediately I couldn’t buy the fabric for twice the cost of the finished item. My concern was the sizing.  With no place to try on I was making assumptions about the fit which turned out to be incorrect.  But they will serve well as summer sleep tops and my trial grounds for deColourant.

This time I chose a simple flower stencil.  I chose to use the on-hand turquoise for the stem and leaf and the neon orange for the petals.  I wanted a yellow center and opted to use yellow fabric paint.  I left the stenciled design to dry until the fabric paint was dry to the touch then steamed and pressed at my iron press using a paper towel as press cloth to protect iron.  Sort of a mistake because I pressed the paper towel to the fabric paint.

The deColourant colors reacted well to the steam/iron treatment without picking up any of the paper towel either. The turquoise was about the same color as before. I did like the vibrancy of the orange but needed to do something about the yellow+paper towel. I waited 24 hours and then soaked the garment in plain water until I could slough off the paper towel. Then I let it dry again.

I wasn’t completely satisfied. I liked the colors, but somehow it lacked completion. I’m sometimes guilty of a short attention span. This was supposed to be a fairly easy project. Choose stencil, slap on some product, heat set and go. I’d now invested more time than intended into what was I think a 79-cent top. One which I didn’t think when I bought it, that I would be wearing it next year. How much effort do you make on such a thing? Still my design sense needed to be satisfied so I pulled out the recently purchased BIC markers. I used a red, green and orange to just highlight around the edges of the design. I made no effort to blend but did try (unsuccessfully) to keep a smooth edge. I have to say, I like this much better
the final combination of deColourant and marker is a happy combination that I plan to use again when I get to those “special” projects.