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I really thought I had something good going on with Simplicity patterns.  I was really pleased with the last few New Look and Simplicity patterns that I’ve cut and fit.   It seemed that I needed to make only one additional change to my fitting routine.  I’ve been selecting a size 14 then applying  narrow shoulder (NSA) and back waist length (BWL) alterations.  The extra 10 pounds has upset my fitting routine.  None of my TNT’s fit anymore and new patterns seemed to require lots of slash and spread.  So I was really pleased when all I needed to do during the recently fitting  was trim a 14 across the shoulder, 16 along the sides and then do my normal NSA and BWL. That’s pretty easy!  I can do this!.  I’m thinking maybe I should be exclusively purchasing Simplicity/New Look patterns and then I had a

big Fat WADDER:

the dress from Simplicity 2938
I purchased the pattern for the jacket pattern.  I did think the blouse might be interesting.  But as the summer heat became more and more decimating and I began looking and sewing dresses for the temperature control factor, I also started looking at the dress with real interest.

I selected a light weight cotton.  It might have a touch of poly or other synthetic because it presses nicely and resists wrinkles. I originally planned to make a light weight summer shirt (long sleeves for sun protection). But as I read the fabric choices for 2938 ( laundered cottons, pique, poplin, linen), I thought this fabric with its soft drape would work very nicely.

Layout, cutting and sewing were not a problem.  I first was concerned about the pleated neckline.  I was draping the pleats on Mimie, but they  just didn’t want to lay nicely.  So I changed to gathering the neckline between the princess seams.  That seemed to work better.  I basted the sides together and took my first look into the mirror and


August sewing started with a wadder.
Honest, I have not gained 50 pounds only 10. I’m rather stunned but slowly I remember past experiences.  Princess lines are easy to fit, but don’t always flatter me.  Like a raglin sleeve, this design/fitting line has to be carefully cordinated with fabric color and accessories. It’s more of an orchestration that a solo event.  The garment is in the dust bin because I was specifically creating cool summer attire.  If I start adding vests, overblouses or other accessories, I lost the trait I desire the most.  What’s most disappointing is that I’ve reduced my fabrics to the point where each fabric is one I’d love to wear.  I don’t mind a wearable muslin i.e.  a finished garment which points out corrections to be made on future versions but I do dislike making a garment I can’t wear at all. Ah well, what’s done is done.

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  1. I know where you are, I’ve had the same fitting experience. How about cropping it off and at least having your pretty fabric as a shell? How about a waist defining belt?

  2. I was too slow–was going to make the same suggestion–shorten it and use it for a shell or a summer top with shorts? At least you could still enjoy the fabric and have a wearable garment.

    Fitting is one thing–then there is the issue of knowing what looks good/pleases the wearer. So many challenges!

    Good luck on the quest!

    Lynda in Lv

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