Still Workin Fabric 01

I finally gave this fabric its own category Fabric01_2012 for the sole purpose of being able to review what I’ve already done to it. Pretty sure Fabric02 (see under category 2599) was a waste of time.  Or at least waste of fabric. Hopefully, I take away new knowledge from my failures which the Fabric02 project definitely became.

I’m trying to “work through the uglies”.  It’s a phrase I heard in a recently purchased workshop Layered and Textured Backgrounds:

Yes it’s about journaling rather than sewing but I find inspiration from many sources.  In this case just the moral support “‘work through the uglies” made the price of this workshop worthwhile for me.  I put Fabric01:


into the Queue Closet after spending hours applying machine stitching

How many hours of machine stitching?

…. followed by more hours working with that fabulous product deColourant Plus and a terrific stencil

With application of deColourant Plus

… And realizing that while I’d created a lovely fabric, I’d not managed to affect the color i.e. change that mint/Celadon green into something I will wear.

Umm what’s a Queue Closet?  My sewing rooms were designed to be bedrooms and therefore each has a lovely 2′ deep and 8′ long closet.  DH claims one for his out-of-season clothing.  I use the other to line up whatever I’m doing.  Mostly it’s ironing but I do place my projects on hangers and line them up in this closet.  The last items I placed in the Queue Closet were my selection of fabrics for my 2012 Autumn 6-PAC.  I think it was at that time I noticed this fabric still sitting in the back of the Queue Closet causing a dream about the fabric.

In my dream the fabric was covered with turquoise stripes and had a deep red glow around the neckline fading towards the shoulders and body of what will be a vest.  It was a dream that occurred in the twilight between being awake and being asleep.  My dreams which occur while solidly asleep, escape my memory within seconds of awakening.  But this type dream stays.  Sometimes my unconscious (isn’t that the left brain) actually gets close and wakes up my conscience enough to make it pay attention. It’s as though my left brain is says “I’ve got the answer. D@mnit pay attention!”.

So I did. I paid attention. I got out my paints and my fabric and started playing



…. to be continued


2 thoughts on “Still Workin Fabric 01

  1. The machine embroidery has made all the difference, I think this is a fabric well worth saving. It is fun to play with a fabric, isn’t it?
    On another note, I am glad to have found you again… for a long time I think your profile was marked “private” by default or something, so I was not able to visit you and thank you for all your kind compliments, and see what you have been doing in return… now I can!

    1. Thank you Carolyn. It’s a fabric I like, but not the color. I really shouldn’t have purchased it. Glad you like to read my posts.

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