Workin Fabric 01 (cont)

I have a small collection of paints (and now a few inks).  I’ve purchased both regular acrylic and fabric paints. To use the acrylic paints on fabric, I add a textile medium.  I find the textile medium works well, but for the most part I’d prefer to buy the paint prepared to use on fabric. Unfortunately there is no local source for such paints or the textile medium. I do mean none within 200 miles.  So I have picked up acrylic paints where I could find them and add the textile medium purchased on-line. I have a watercolor background. I’m not wonderfully talented, but my watercolors are better than my drawing (I still spend as many hours creating with watercolors as I do with pencil and paper.) Most importantly is that my time working watercolors has given me knowledge of colors and of how to mix colors. With the quantities I’m using, I prefer to buy the 2oz pre-mixed colors but I’m not afraid to mix what I have on-hand.  For the Fabric01 project  I didn’t need to mix red colors, I only needed to mix my Summer SunSet (Plaid) with textile medium and apply liberally.

I painted between the deColourant motifs –not on top.  I like the tealy blue that the Robins Egg deColourant Plus developed.  I would have preferred the color in the bottle. But anytime you affect dye color/ing you must be prepared to accept a different effect than the one envisioned.  I like that deColourant Plus sinks in becoming one with the fabric.  I like acrylic paint because it sits on top covering whatever is below.
I spread dashes of red paint though the body using a fan brush in most places but a round brush on some of those back splots. My thought was not to create the effect of two fabrics joined along the neckline, but to pull the color through the garment.


I know I’m not satisfied but I still have the stripes to do and the orange/red does look nice combined with the teal blue.