But is it done yet?

Using Lois Erickson’s window trick to test fabric within garment shape.

Honestly, I’m not completely satisfied. The blues are now dominant and the Celadon green has receded into the background acting as a supporting color. The piece has also taken on a denim feel. Not readily viewable in the small piece above, but the full size piece has taken on the tone of soft used denim. Good, but still, am I going to wear this?

I know that the stripes will be much narrower on the final project that the cut out view shows. So the ‘window” while giving me a better idea of how the final garment will look, still leaves room for doubt. For that reason I used another trick or technique.  I cropped my picture of the whole front into a half.  I imported the half-vest into PowerPoint twice side-by-side so that I had 2 fronts to play with for each sheet of paper I printed. I printed 3 and then more as ideas came to me.

What ideas?

Well I started with a red marker. I’m thinking that maybe I want the red around the neck to be more through out the piece; more coherent. I don’t have an exact color match between marker and paint, so do make allowances. I also tried the turquoise marker thinking maybe the blending of lines and color would be  enhanced more by using my now dominant color. I’m planning added stitching, this is a sewing project.

Maybe too much stitching and too close together?

On second thought, this would be more like couching yarn than adding thread. I want to add polyester embroidery thread because I can closely if not exactly match the colors already in use.

I switch to Prismacolor pencils but have the same problem regarding color match and the same request to make allowances at this stage of the game. Next up

Varying the type line, trying to keep it something I can replicate with free-motion.

More options but all with red pencil.

Reverted to using blue. I like the red but I’m beginning to think the red is adding conflict instead of cohesion.

.Despite all the efforts, I prefer simple lines the best .AND. I think I like the turqoise best over all.

But I remain unsure. Even with the two best possibilities placed side-by-side, I wonder which I’m more apt to wear. Since I’m leaning towards using turquoise for my stitching, I also have the option of couching yarn–my yarn stash contains numerous turquoise samples. If I am to closely replicate my drawing, I need to select stitches with width, at least a 1mm zig zag.  Couching yarn can be much faster than making lines of stitching.  Which would be a plus.  Sometimes I think I have a little Adult ADD because I get bored when spending lots of time on a project.  When bored I rush ….. and create wadders.


Sorry, but I think this is goings back into the Queue at least for a short period of time