Utility Sewing

Well utility might not be the right word.  I need new undies.  I’m so tired of RTW fantasy sizing. I can’t tell you how many pairs of panties I have bought which state they are in my size but don’t fit.  I’ve considered shopping on line. I’m pretty sure I’d have just about as much luck getting the correct size as I do when buying shrink wrapped undies at Walmart.  At one time I did make all my underwear. But it was more of seeing if I could rather than needing.  So now with the price of non-fitting panties about $20, I’ve decided it’s time to pull out the Kwik Sew 2200 and make my own.

Panties are actually very easy to sew. The issue is one of stretch i.e. does your elastic and fabric have enough and did you cut so the stretch goes around the body?   My first pair, which will never be modeled, were sewn in 45 minutes from start to finish.  I decided since it had been so long since I made this pattern, I should base-line i.e. make the first pair exactly according to instructions.  I tested 4 different fabrics before finding one with the correct stretch.  I hoped that my elastic has the correct stretch because KS didn’t say how much stretch, just use lingerie elastic.

I have several versions in mind, once I’m sure the pattern fits. The first pair calls for stitching the elastic at the fabric edge and then trimming the excess. On the next pair I will alter the pattern so that the elastic is stitched to the wrong side, folded forward and stitched to the right side, thus completely enclosing any raw edges.  I also want to develop patterns for various stretch i.e. 10%, 25% and 50% as well as the 75% specified by Kwik Sew.      For the first pair, I didn’t want to struggle with both fit and technique. I serged the crotch and side seams, but used a stretch stitch for the elastic.  I understand that the cover stitch functions can really speed up the process and will try it as I go along.    My goal is to be able to use all my left over knit scraps to produce wearable  panties in record time.

Oh and bras are next. I’ve already ordered my pattern KS 3300.  (Link should take you to Clubbmv)


2 thoughts on “Utility Sewing

  1. Your Muley Brown Collection is lovely – the pants look so well fitting but I bet they will go with lots of your clothes esp all the apricot/ orangey tops you sew.
    I think this is great idea to use up knit scraps . FInding the right elastic can be an issue though .

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m really annoyed that I can’t just pick up the same style, same size of panties every year. These are utility garments and I really don’t want to spend the time sewing such plain little things.

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