Scraper for the Silhouette

As soon as I started playing with my Cameo, I noticed the “fun” I was having removing bits and pieces from the mat.  I thought this would become easier after I cut a few samples. But alas I was mostly cutting holes to create stencils and the “holes” continued to stubbornly stick to the mat.

I tried several tools to aid in the removal of the holes/stickies.  I did find the pancake turner workable.  It tended to be quite flexible which necessitated careful handling.  It’s biggest downside, though, was that the Kitchen King, DH, insisted it be returned post haste and minus stickies.

I was using a hotel key card which somehow came with me instead of being returned to the hotel.  It works, but its narrow edge makes removing the sticks a bit of a chore.

So I check my friendly Yeah, those guys are always willing to sell me stuff and they recommend the Silhouette Scraper


for a mere $8.03 US.  Hmmm, I think $8.03 plus shipping .  $12 for a big pancake turner without a handle?  Wonder if I can do better?

I make the monthly trip to Walmart (Retirees get paid once a month. Ergo once a month spending.)  I was thinking that surely Walmart had some sort of kitchen scraper/turner that would be less than $12.  WallyWorld has the same thing as is already under the control of the Kitchen King.  I could only envision a running argument regarding pancake turner ownership.  I continued to look.

Lo and behold!  It is time to stock the winter driving supplies in Walmart and I find for $3.99

Fits the bill perfectly.  I’m actually placing the soft rubber edge in the palm of my hand and pushing against the mat with the narrower smooth-edge.  I tell you it’s wonderful.  Those little bits and pieces just fly off the mat.  My mat is cleaner now than it has been since I first peeled the protective cover.  Only one downside.  It is necessary to vacuum the floor after cleaning the mat.