End of November

I know I’ve been missing in action.  It a combination of things to do, places to go and oh yes a serious -though not critical- illness.  I have been sewing, but my productivity is definitely down.  I finished a new pair of pants and posted about them on on pants blog.  I have two WIP’s.  One is the on-going experiment known in my mind as Fabric 01 which by the way was part of the reason for purchasing the stencil cutter.  The other is the result of a new fabric purchase; an interesting fabric which I decided needed to be heavily machine embroidered. (I’ll detail this project as I get closer to completion. Right now it’s still being embroidered. Heavily.)

I’m pleased to admit that I have purchased yet another new machine.  I’m now the proud owner of   Janome 900CPX

I have on order the clear center guide foot, the binder plate and two binders.  Both are A type binders and both are adjustable.  The first adjusts from 3/8 to 5/8 the second from 5/8 to 7/8.  That is, if I read the description correctly, that’s what I think I’m getting.  I use most often a 3/8″ and 3/4″ finished binding.  I’ve not ordered any hemmers.  I did find I was producing a more-than-acceptble, indeed almost perfect hem using the method of adding fusible web and then measure and press up the hem.  If the binders work as well as everyone says they do, I will want at least one hemmer, the 1″.  But for now I’ve pretty much rubbed the numbers off my cards and still have 3 gifts for others which I need to purchase.

I purchased the machine from my dealer.  I purchased the accessories from Ebay.  I feel slightly unloyal.  But the cost of these accessories was so much lower on Ebay.  Just astoundingly lower.  I did buy on Black Friday which gave me another 20% off from the seller’s regular prices.  Still the difference between “my dealer” and the Ebay was more than I could ignore.  I was adamant about buying the machine from my dealer.  My price was $399 which is standard.  I had seen the 900 for $349 on the internet, but I know that I will get my first cleaning free (a $75 value and yes I do pay $75 for my other machines) and all the help I need for free from my dealer.

This is supposed to be my Christmas present. But you know, I’ve already re-arranged my sewing room and tested the little beast.  I use the premise that returns have a time limit and I am expected to test within a reasonable length.  So there. It’s tested.   He’s not named yet.  Yes I do think of the 900CPX as a man.  I usually refer to my embroidery machine, the Janome MC9500, as Jan or the MC9500.  My Designer Ruby sewing machine is Ruby. The Viking S21 serger is Sally.  The 900 has not told me yet what he wants to be called.  I do believe he appreciated having his own table slightly apart from “the women” (all the other machines have feminine names).  Don’t know why. He just seemed to settle in comfortably and work perfectly.