Update to the Muley Brown Collection

I was quite pleased upon the completion of my Muley Brown Collection but assumed it would have limited versatility.  The brown is not my usual brown.  It’s a cool shade of brown which is not the most flattering for me but certainly not ugly.  It’s not one that I commonly reach for or select either on-line or during those infrequent but delicious trips to an actual fabric store. Nonetheless over several years time, I had accumulated a small selection. Enough to make the collection which I assumed would be defunct at some point as it’s pieces wore out and the remainders wouldn’t coordinate with other colors in my closet.  I was really pleased when, due to the blouse and pants being in the wash, I pulled out the knit top, the vest and my black pair of pants AND I had a lovely coordinated outfit.


The blouse, 2nd from the right below,


also contains black. I’m fairly sure that the espresso brown pants will work well with this set as well.  It does make me happy to know that I  can continue to coordinate pieces.  Each of the pieces has their own life span, sometimes affected by my weight.  I expect the knit top to be good for this year and part of next. The blouse will last for 3-4 years and be wearable year round.  During the warmer weather I often wear blouses in place of a light weight jackets.  Suede pants, such as these, are good for many years.  They seem to soften and acquire a rich patina.  Most often, pants are removed from the closet due to weight fluctuations.  The vest, especially a well constructed vest, will be in the closet for years and years.  I’m quite pleased with myself for having discovered the extra pairs of pants.  This is now a travel wardrobe.