The 2012 Goals Review

It may seem a little early to be calling any of my goals done, success, complete or failure. But I’m already thinking about the direction I want to take next year and paused to review this year.   After stating my 2012 goals here, I neglected to post a monthly summary.  Indeed I neglected to even review my goals with myself monthly.  This year an easier, more comfortable pace developed.

Develop understanding as to why pants fit the way they do by drafting from measurements a pair of trousers, slacks and jeans

I did finally stop all the madness and draft from my own measurements.  I used two systems the of SureFit sytem with it’s special ruler and map; and secondly the written JSM instructions.  What I learned was how quickly a pattern can go wrong just by which tool you use and how you place the curve.  Drafting pants, is not for dummies IMO.   Somewhere during this year, I decided even if I don’t have a flat behind, I need to do something to take in the excess under my butt; and even if my knees do not fully qualify as knock knees, they have the effect of a knock knees.  I’m not sure how I stumbled across this, but I love the fit of Burda pants if I make them 2 sizes larger than the charts indicate AND if I trace the back inseam  one more size larger (total of 3 larger),  I then need only scoop the back  crotch for a perfect fit.  I’m no longer frustrated by pants fitting.  Even though I must use the Burda Plus pants patterns I can now easily trace and sew perfect fitting pants and I have a range of styles and fabrics to select from.  Did my understanding increase?  Yes. This goal was successfully met in that I do understand more.  I do not have a completely mastery of pants drafting. I do have a healthy respect for the pattern cutter and have no desire to work through the entire pants draft to fit process.  I’m happy with my Burda Plus patterns.  (Which won’t stop me from trying new patterns.)

2.Fit my resources (fabric, patterns etc)  into the available space while positively affecting my financial position by:

A. Acquisition limits

  • Fabric $100;
  • 1.5 yds for tops
  • 2.0 for pants or table linens
  • 0 stash other projects
  • Notions $50
  • Books One book per month–preference to eBooks


  • Acquisition limit of $50
  • Purge the on-hand collection
  • Will I really make this?
  • Is there a unique design feature which makes it worth keeping?
  • I s this salable/donatable or trash?

Both parts A an B are at least partial successes. I also, for the first time in years have all my fabric in one room, a success all in it’s own. But I still have fabric stashed on shelves that were intended for other supplies.  The dollar value acquisition limits worked well.  I tried lowering the limits but found these are the easiest and most reasonable for me and they are within my means, just too high to effect rapidly reducing the amount of fabric needing storage.    Limits cause me to carefully consider my acquisitions with the result that nearly everything that arrives whether by plane, train, or in the back of my vehicle, are very much wanted. Many were rapidly made into garments.

As for patterns my over all total this year is less than 2011.  I’ve found a new favorite OttobreDesign. I started the Burda Plus subscription and then renewed Burda Style.  I love Burda styling, but what I  actually wear are Burda pants and Ottobre tops.  I believe I will cancel the Burda Style subscription.  I  allowed the ClubBMV subscription to lapse. I’m now comfortable with tracing patterns and really loving how I can trace multiple sizes to suit my body.  It’s like every pattern fits right out of the envelope.  It is much faster for me to trace multiple sizes than to trim those cheap patterns and then make multiple alterations both to the tissue and the garment.  If I continue with only Burda Plus and OttobreDesign subscriptions, my pattern expenditures for 2013 will be the lowest in all the years I’ve actually sewn.

This won’t carry forward as a goal, but rather as a habit.

3. Continue the exploration and usage of Other Embellishments

Start with Xmas book: Fabric Art Workshop by Susan Stein

check for needed supplies at the beginning of each month

Set aside every other Monday set aside for next lesson

This goal was overwhelmingly successful.  It’ a habit now to look at a multitude of embellishment options and even combining several.  I admit to acquiring a few new toys during the year to help me control paint, glitter, ink and other stuff.  Checking monthly for needed supplies became a monthly habit with wonderous results. It is now so seldom that I can’t plan from the supplies on hand or have to delay a project until I can get the right component.  Like Goal 2 this goes forward as a habit not a stated goal.

4. Expand my wardrobe with 1 Dress and 1 Skirt Each Season

Sew a dress and skirt each quarter.

Wear one every month.

Rediscover how to wear and style them.

Not so good.  I did add dresses and skirts each quarter sometimes more than 1.  But I don’t wear them. They just aren’t “me” anymore.  Eventually I  will purge all dress and skirt patterns. This goal will not go forward in any form.  I accept myself as the pants wearing person that I am.

5. Improve my shirt tailoring skills by

Participating in the 2012 Shirt-A-Month Sew-Along including 2 shirts annually for DH

I did not make as many shirts as planned although DH did get 2 new shirts and asks for more.  I did very definitely improve my shirt tailoring skills.  This goal will go forward but I do think it is a success in 2012.

6. Make sewing with sheers, crepes and other difficult fabrics a habit.

Sew with these fabrics once each quarter.

Another successfully completed goal.  Surprisingly, it took only 2 garments to gain the skills needed.  I no longer shy away from a garment because I don’t want to struggle with the fabric. Instead I prep the fabric and get ‘er done.


Over all, I say I had a successful sewing year.  I enjoyed sewing; had very few wadders; and met met all but one (#4 dresses and skirts).  I’m carrying one forward (#5 tailoring skills) because I want to keep these skills.  Seeing this on the goals reminds me to look for projects that will help me accomplish my desires.


2 thoughts on “The 2012 Goals Review

  1. Bev I have really enjoyed reading your blog through the year and the summary of your goals and results is very interesting reading. Your embellishment experiments have helped me with adding a little more difference in my sewing and I think I will make this a goal for 2012 – if you don’t mind I will ‘borrow’ your embelishment goals and try them myself.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to reading more adventures from you in the New Year.

    1. Jacqui, I’m glad to have inspired you. Here’s hoping you and your family have a Merry Christmas and that your embellishing is tremendous fun.

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