I choose to share the scarf first, even though it was made after my Vesty which has yet to make it’s appearance.  I loved this boucle fabric.  It sat in my stash for many years because it is wool.  I don’t like to give the care which wool requires.  So I seldom buy wool and then delay sewing. But after the vest was finished, I had this huge leftover piece which I absolutely couldn’t put in the trash.  I chose instead to fringe the edges and add a new scarf to my winter collection.


It’s about 20″ wide and a good 60″ long.  Definitely cushy and perfect for SD winters.  Because it’s loosely woven, each of those colored strips is an individual yarn, it was very quick to ravel.  I used an over lock stitch preprogrammed on my Designer Ruby to stitch about 1/2″ away from the edge.  One of the things I like about this scarf in particular is that I’ve preserved this large piece of fabric, converting it into a wearable for now but it’s still available if I were to choose some color blocking or want to use it as an accent at another time. A high quality fabric, such as this, deserve to be so handled.