Artist in Motion Vesty

Like many others, I’m a devoted fan of Louise Cutting Designs and look forward to each new pattern release.



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4 thoughts on “Artist in Motion Vesty

  1. Bev I think this is a very stylish and nice look, especially the photo of you smiling. The wool/linen I used is light and sheer and I used a lightweight fusible interfacing per the instructions and had no problems with the buttonholes that I stabilized, also IAW the instruction sheet. I’m sure you’ll enjoy wearing this vest.

    1. The interfacing information is good to know. Thanks for providing that. I’m also pleased with your compliment. I’m unsure about this particular version, I think I need to make it a bit longer and maybe not so wide. You get a nice sleek look, I get the short fat preggars look. It’s such a good garment, I can’t leave it at that.

  2. I have been eagerly awaiting your post about this pattern, as I have also been curious about how it would look from the “side view”… being concerned about just the aspect that you mentioned. One thing I wonder, is if for a summertime layering garment, using a very drapey fabric, like some kind of rayon, would make it more likely to hang vertically in the front, thereby giving a sleeker look? That said, I do think it looks like a lovely versatile addition to your wardrobe.

    One thing that I sometimes/often do is to use a different fabric for my bias bindings than the garment fabric, sometimes just to add an additional design element, and sometimes because the garment fabric is not suitable for making bias bindings. I am wondering if some kind of different fabric, thinner and more closely woven than the wool, would work for your vesty. I am visualising fabric in the same color family, with a slight visual texture or print…

    1. Indigo
      I think it’s a proportions issue. On TerriK, the vesty looks sleek and elegant. On the stouter me, well preggars springs to mind. I think I need to lengthen it and maybe make it not quite so wide. I’m not done. It’s too good of a design to let go just because the proportions need to be tweaked.

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