Artist In Motion-Boucle Version


First Fitting

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3 thoughts on “Artist In Motion-Boucle Version

  1. Oh Bev – how discouraging! The fabric that you chose is so lovely, and the results so less wonderful than you hoped. I think that it is as you suggest, not the pattern per se, but the intersection of the pattern and your personal style and body type. I imagine that it would look well on someone who is tall and leggy, with broad shoulders, the opposite of my own body type (I am built like the little teapot: short and stout). I suspect that if I tried this pattern I would have the same results. When I am struggling with a new design, sometimes I find it useful to use my faithful croquis and make kind of line drawings of various options to see if it I can find a good proportion that works with my shape. Have you ever tried anything like that?

    1. Alison
      I have my own personal croquis, just haven’t used it in a while. I depend upon my dressform but really need to adjust her padding. Croquis are a fun tool to work with.

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