Day 2

That would be Day 2 Sewing without a decent iron.

Regardless of how I acquire my fabric, I always pre-wash.  I loaded the most current 6 cuts purchased from  into the washer and dryer. It was the last load after doing all the other laundry.  After fussing yesterday with the “spare iron”, I went upstairs without checking the last load.  Today my first chore was checking on the fabric still in the dryer. Predictably, it has settled and cooled into creases.  Now with the Rowenta Steam Generator, I know I can blast those creases out. But with this Rival??? Not happening.  So first “sewing” I did today, was putting the fabric back in the washer to get it all wet and then drying it in the dryer.  As soon as the dryer paused, I pulled fabric out of the dryer, smoothed and folded so it could be stored on my shelves.  Wonderful sewing.

While I waited for the load in the dryer, I decided to attend to some jewelry alterations.  I’m at the age when those tiny circle clips on necklaces have become impossible to manage. I was really intrigued by the magnetic clasps advertised on TV and bought some. And installed them.


Actually I love the idea.  The two ends find each other.  There’s no struggling to hold open one clasp while trying to find the other and position the two so they can join.  I purchased more of the magnetic clasps and eventually had about a dozen of my most often worn necklaces converted. But, I found no matter how big and strong the barrel is, eventually each will disengage during wear and my necklaces drops. Most of the time the necklace would drop into my bra but I’ve  lost one of my beloved opals.  So I tried some of the other alternate clasps on the market and found that the stick and hoop variety are quite usable.

I do have to fuss a bit more with them, but they never come loose.  Yesterday I spent time converting as many of my necklaces as possible.  It is not long process.  Attach the clasp to each side; slide the stick through the barrel; and pull to test  This is a task which requires some fine motor control.  I was awkward at the start with but quickly gained skill.  I was also hampered because the gold jump rings on hand were either the too big or too small size.  However the silver jump rings, which were not needed because I had no silver clasps for conversion, were the just right size.  I used silver.  When I completed as many as I could, I took count of silver and gold necklaces remaining so that I can purchase more clasps and jump rings.

I also worked on a stencil. I’ve mentioned before about my Cameo machine.  I’ve got some projects in mind and have spent a lot of mornings working with the Cameo.  I’ve arrived at a workable method to make big stencils from freezer paper.    I have a project in mind which will require a stencil with lots of tear-drop shaped holes.  I found the shape I wanted on the Silhouette site and duplicated it to cover a 26″ by 12″ stencil. I ran into issues when testing.  The Cameo cuts the freezer paper just fine. But the freezer paper tears when trying to remove it from the mat.  The freezer paper can be cut without a mat but all the holes cut loose, fly everywhere.   My solution was to iron two layers of freezer paper together and load both (as one) into the machine for cutting. It took some experimenting but eventually I could cut through the top layer only

leaving the bottom unscored and then separate the two layers

most of the holes stick to the bottom layer.  I did find it necessary to use the “spare iron” to heat the freezer paper just a little so that I could separate the layers. Surprisingly the top layer really grabbed the bottom layer in places. Once separated, I needed to “weed” the top layer where the holes had stuck to the top instead of the bottom layer.

Mostly it was a just a small pulling motion. But some of the holes needed cutting with the Exacto knife.  Along the edges, some of the holes were only partially cut.

I just folded them out-of-the-way.  For what I will be doing, it is not really important that they be cut away.  All the little holes which stuck to the bottom sheet

could just be folded together and thrown in the trash. However there was  a pile

on top of my cutting table that had to be scraped together and put into the trash.  A few escaped to the floor and needed to be vacuumed.  But in the end, my huge stencils are ready for tomorrow’s “sewing” project.


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  1. Wow! that is some stenciling project that you are embarking on… I can only imagine what it would have been like to try cutting all that by hand, had you not had your new machine to do the cuts… I really look forward reading more about to your adventures in stencil-land, and hope that your new iron arrives posthaste. I loath the auto shutoff that seems ubiquitous in new irons, and ended up simply going to Goodwill and getting an old iron that doesn’t do that, though sadly it doesn’t have much steam oomph either. I simply use a damp press cloth, feeble, but workable…


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