Day 3

(..without a real iron)

I’m still not happy with the appearance of Fabric 01

The turquoise stripes are too bright for me and the red is just….weird.   I want to knock back the turquoise and since I can’t remove the red, I’ve decided the best way is to push the red through out.   I cut 2 of the stencils, shown yesterday

and had several 12×12 tests that I thought I could use if needed.  I was anticipating putting the stencils in place, painting and then moving the stencils to a new place. As I looked at my paints I realized that wasn’t going to work. Not that the freezer paper stencils can’t be moved and reused.

My problem is that  I will be mixing paint. I can never mix the right amount of paint.  I have either too much, which then is thrown away; or too little and need to mix another batch. I dislike throwing away the paint but the real problem is mixing more. I can never mix exactly the same color.   I’ve learned there is a way to make different shades of the same color blend together and look intended. That is: to paint through out. Instead of working and completing all the color in one place, say starting at the top right and filling in all the color across and down;  if I apply a little color at the top then some at the center over to the other side and then across the bottom i.e. dabs of color 1 everywhere and then return with color 2 filling in all the places missed — the eye will be fooled and blend the colors together.  The first impression is that the colors are the same. Close examination will tell you that the colors are different but look fine together.  Some people even say there is a richness to the piece because of the diversity of color.

But to work throughout, I need my stencils in place everywhere I plan to paint. Someone’s going to disagree with me, so let me explain.  I’ve good results using stencils, but issues when moving them around. It’s almost guaranteed that after the first application, I will get paint on the back of the stencil and transfer it to another place where it is not desired.  It’s better for my process if I can completely cover all the area I want to paint with a stencil before I even begin to mix the paint.

All that to say, I spent Day 3 cutting more stencils.  The two full stencils I had barely covered one of the two pieces of fabric to be painted. With the Cameo, it’s not a difficult process to cut the stencils but it does take time. Time to cut and iron two sheets of paper together, then trim to size, then let the Cameo cut the stencil. Time that had I had a good iron I could have spent doing some actual sewing. But at least I was working towards the rescue completion of  this sewing project.