..never mind I’ve lost track of how many days I’ve been without a “real” iron.  It is an issue for me.  I plan on sewing during part of the year, knitting during the bitter cold, and being busy/gone during at least half the year.  I’m in the mind-set of “sewing” and it’s throwing me for a loop that I can’t.

But I promised a reveal

I let the paint dry overnight – about 14 hours total.  I prefer to let a painted item sit for 24 before moving it but I was anxious to see the result.  Thing is, when they make thousands of a garment, the workers and manufacturer know exactly what the result is going to be before they even start. But at home, I am essentially an artist; creating one of’s (not off but of), unique items with unique colors.   I’ve learned that the picture I may form in my mind should be  a “guide”.  I’ve learned that I should keep my mind open and look at the reveal not for did I achieve the guide standards but did I create something I like and want to use.

.On the table (above) my fabric looked a bit bright. I remember thinking the same thing when I had finished painting. At the time I thought that the paint would dry to a duller finish.  Not satisfied with the table view, I tried to shape the fabric around Mimie and take another look:

.I have to tell you that I like the picture on Mimie best. I mean I like the picture better than just looking at Mimie. Even standing back 6-10 feet, I felt the red was brighter than I wanted.  Since it wasn’t completely cured, I threw it in the wash. Oh and I did something I never, ever, ever, think of even doing.  I added bleach. I like the over all pattern, but I’d like the final fabric to look a bit more worn.  I don’t particularly want to get out the sander………

On a really positive note, the mint of the original fabric is practically gone.

My thought is, if you really want to; if you will invest the time and just a bit of spare change, you can change an undesirable color.


2 thoughts on “Day..

  1. What a difference that last set of red stenciling made. It has such a wonderful complex visual texture, and the extra red from the previous painting seems like it will be a bit of a focal point up near your face… I suspect that if it is worn with some coordinating garments that the overall “brightness” of it will become an asset

    1. For the first time I feel like it is coming together. The laundry cycle soften the colors a bit more making it much more agreeable to me. Not sure exactly what I’m doing next with it.

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