Winding down 2012- Cleaning up Starting New

The lack of an iron stopped my sewing and allowed stuff to accumulate in the sewing rooms. Not to mention that Christmas this year was wonderfully sewing accessory heavy. I’ve mentioned the two expensive gifts in earlier posts (the Janome 900 cover stitch machine and the Simplicity felting machine) but I kept finding and ordering sewing things which cost between $50 and $100.  Black Friday on the internet definitely helped keep those prices down .   When I start using those gifts, I’ll do an in-depth review but for now suffice it to say that on Christmas my cutting table was piled high and my sewing room stuffed to the gills. Part of the 26th, I spent time putting things away.  On the 28th the iron was put into it’s place and put to work.  Eventually the ironing was done and I looked around to see what could be sewn.

Mending was first.  It’s nearly always first on my list.  I’ve found that if I tend to mending first and frequently, there isn’t a whole lot to do at any one time.  Sometimes I put mending off until I’ve finished a project in process. But I felt slightly adrift.  I hadn’t sewn or even thought about my sewing projects in several days.  I begin by mending.  It wasn’t much, two pair of pants with seams that needed reinforcing and a button to be replaced ….. AND mending was done.

Then I looked at the blouse in progress. Realizing it would not be wearable without lots of work, I opted to finish it up to the point of checking fitting issues.  Once that was done, I declared it “muslin” , updated pattern pieces and threw the muslin in the trash.

The next project a Burda vest rapidly turned into a nightmare and was wadded.

I had a few projects cut and in the closet.  I also had several lengths of fabrics hanging in the closet.  My half-baked ideas of what to do with these fabrics have never solidified. I’m thinking that I may have planned too many projects and forgot what I had planned.  But the point is, at this time I was feeling a bit let down. I’d waited to sew for nearly 2 weeks and suddenly I had 2 wadders. I felt a bit unsure of myself. So I decided to clean just a bit more.

Then I decided to start fresh for the new year. I removed everything from the closet; carefully folding and placing back into the stash.

The accumulation of years also means the accumulation of abuses to the body. I find now days that my best course of action is to change activities every few hours if not more often. I switched from folding and stacking fabrics to putting away patterns.  Noting the difficulty of putting patterns into boxes, I changed to a computer activity. I started looking at my pattern index . I’m purging. I’m looking at the patterns and asking why I bought these?  I know that many were purchased during ClubBMV sales. Many have unique and interesting details.  Others are minor variations on a theme.  But when I ask myself, am I really going to make this?  I find myself moving the pattern to the delete pile.

So this first week of January, instead of beginning new projects, I’m going through a cleansing and releasing processes.  I’ve learned to call these periods of time good. The last great one was when I got rid of all of my quilting stuff.  Every bit of it.  Truth is, I don’t like quilting.  I quilt from guilt. Guilt at having purchased fabrics or having been gifted fabrics. Not the joy of creation so many quilters speak of.  Since that purge, my sewing has taken off in new directions. I think it’s true, you can’t fill a full cup. You have empty the cup, wash it out and then fill with something new.


I’m not quitting. But I am changing directions.  I’m still working with the little felting machine and have started a fabric painting project.  My blogs will still have posts and my sewing will still continue.