Felting Experiements

My fabric is a light weight cotton almost gauze.  It’s the kind of fabric your can’t see through up close but if the sun is shinning behind you the outline of your body would be visible. Another fabric in my stash for years, I purchased this one intending to make a kaftan.

I’m still using the 6 needle set up in my felting machine.  It’s enough needles to felt quickly but does not affect the base fabric as much as the 12 needle.

.I felted shapes cut from another gauze, strips from a rayon crepe and a cotton gauze and for good measure adding a bit of yarn on top.  I’ve tested several yarns. Some will not felt.  They are too small and too tightly twisted.  The needles don’t pierce the yarn at all.

These were lightly felted as I still have in mind attaching fabrics without greatly affecting the base layer.   From the top side, above, they are hardly affected. On the bottom

a lovely loopy surface has developed.  It is very soft.  The particular colors I have used developed a nice sky scape.


2 thoughts on “Felting Experiements

  1. Bev I think the loopy surface would be a pretty and interesting border along the front/neckline of a jacket and even the edges of the sleeves or the hem. You could felt yardage, however wide you want for the border, and then apply it as trim over another fabric more suitable for a third layer garment.

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