Felting Experiments

I’ve changed fabrics again.  This is considered a gauze but it’s not transparent at all.  A strong sun behind might reveal a figure but that’s true of many summer fabrics.  I consider it perfect for summer, both cool and not too revealing.   I didn’t do a burn test to confirm, but I’m fairly sure this is a 100% pima cotton. There is no visual indication of a synthetic fiber. Not wool, because I can smell even the tiniest amount wool when I steam press.  It drapes into nice folds and will wrinkle but not badly.

I’m still using the 6 needle set up at the machine and this time I’ve felted both strips, triangles and a printed leaf shape.

Each of the shapes fringe at least slightly along the edges.  Even the blue leaf-shape which was cut from a firm woven fabric succumbs to the effect of 6 needles punching along its edges.

However with this fabric the reverse side shows hardly any effect.


I don’t want to label any experiment or any part of any experiment as “bad”.  This is different and not exactly what I was wanting.  I do note that along with the back having hardly any migrated fibers, the entire piece is only slightly effected by the felting.  While not something I’m terribly excited about this moment, I will keep the sample for future reference.