Today’s base fabric is a nylon organza.  I purchased this type fabric to do overlays, as base for embroideries that will be appliqued and sometimes as underlining. It’s not a comfortable fabric to wear.  It is too stiff and despite being thin, loosely woven, doesn’t breathe. I purchase when it is cheap and stash away for when needed.   It therefore languishes in my stash in large amounts and several colors.

With the 6-needle machine set up, I felted gauze, crepe and Pima strips and then  added an odd shape of self-fabric. The self-fabric (in the upper right corner) with its ruffled edges is particularly interesting. I extended the felting throughout much of the piece and was pleased with how it shrank into the original cut shape, just smaller. i.e. I cut a 6×8″ rectangle; I finished with a 4×6 rectangle.

It’s a good 3/16″ thick and still not a fabric I’d want next to my skin.  But I do think this is interesting.  On the reverse:

the colored shapes bleed through while the self fabric shape is undetectable. While I wouldn’t want this sample made up as an entire garment, I can easily see using appliques cut from it. Also, if the nylon organza would ruffle when felted to different base, this would be an interesting and perhaps feminine touch. Over all it is an interesting fabric.