Felting Experiments

Today, my fabric choice for the base is a transparent polyester crepe.  It has a lovely drape.  Makes beautiful blouses. For some strange reason, the crepe weave makes this 100% polyester breathe. Of course, it could be that I always underline which makes it comfortable to wear.


I chose a variety of fabrics to felt to the base.  Top to bottom there is a strip from what I consider the perfect summer fabric, self- fabric, rayon seam binding, rayon crepe cut in an odd shape and a close woven fabric boomarang.  I truly like the way the self fabric ruffles. It’s just beautiful. Though the rayon seam binding seem unaffected, it was “precut” and easy to guide.  The rayon crepe and cotton have become sort of “controls” in that I seem to be testing them with each fabric and by now have a good idea of how each reacts to felting with 6-needles on different fabric bases.  The polyester, crepe base does change a lot in response to being felted upon; so I also gave it a quick felt with nothing on top ( that’s at the sample’s very top before the perfect summer fabric).  The reverse:

is unimpressive. Even though the loops are soft, I think I’d still want an underlining.

I do think the polyester crepe could be judiciously felted – enough for modesty- and worn without an underlining. Other than the ruffled self fabric, I’m not excited enough to do anything more than file the sample away for future reference. It is just not that unique.